Tips for Team Fortress 2 (Play with Me)

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  1. So recently I downloaded TF2 on my PC (I had it on my Mac, but I got a new PC) and I've been starting playing again. But when I first started (In June) (Only played for 1 week) I was really bad.... and still I consider myself an almost average player, but I want to get better. Is there any Steam/TF2 vets in the EMC community that would like to give tips on the game? :) Thanks.
  2. Kill, my tip ;)
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  3. Well played....
  4. ;D, hmm, I am playing offlinetraining too, and that one is good to get good in TF2. :p
  5. Say sorry when you kill someone.
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  6. The back-burner is phenominal. Instant kills from behind. Also, if you put the FOV as high as possible, you peripheral vision is substantially increased.
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  7. Remember to light Snipers' arrows when they wind them at you too.
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  8. Airblast from Pyro, works every time they think they can shoot me with a rocket. Or some other projectile.
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  9. Depends on the class. In general, one way to learn is to watch youtube videos. I've also made this post on another site. Or you can also check the tf2 subreddit at r/tf2.
    I mostly play Engineer and Demoman, construction and deconstruction.

    If you play engineer, try getting familiar with the maps, especially ammo locations. Don't forget to build teleporters and dispensers to help your team, and never EVER build right next to someone. Once you get the Bob-the-Builder-basics, you can move on to the funnier stuff like.....exploit abuse :D

    Hope this can help getting you started ;)
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  10. If you ever get stuck on a team without a Medic, don't stupidly spam MEDIC MEDIC MEDIC! Like everyone else.
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  11. If your on a team with no medic, JUST PLAY MEDIC.
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  12. Thanks for all the advice guys! :)