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  1. I suggest a new wiki page along with a tab. Empire Time is a nice addition but ultimately useless for those who are no good with time-zone-management. I personally think that there should be a time zone table or something so people can know times with a quick glance.

    I personally think it should be a table with 25 rows. (1 row for the title bar and 24 for the hours.) We can add columns along as people join so we can keep useful times.

    Although, I suggested it here for your opinion. Let me hear it!
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  3. Sounds like a good idea, but it would be better with just 2 rows, one with the Title and one with the current EMC time.
    Like so:
    EMC Time
    4:39 PM
  4. I was not sure if they were able to do this and I suggest the 25 rows because some people will be planning ahead.
  5. ^^
  6. Which is why I removed that from the OP.
  7. It's extremely easy to do. :)
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  8. So where can I find out what time it is in EMC? Or what EMC time is relative to GMT?
  9. To find EMC time do /time ingame, EMC time is based from EST which is currently 5 hours behind GMT.
  10. EMC uses Eastern Standard Time? Oh that makes it easy! I'm on EST! ^_^

    Thanks :)