This reminds me or roblikescake

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by KingofKraft13, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Man me and my misspellings lol i meant *of
  2. I wonder if seffy has seen this...
    (do people know seffy out of smp8?)
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  3. Song battle?

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  4. sadly, he can't, his ip address is site banned.
  5. I believe we are talking about different seffys
    The seffy i'm referring to is female, and is most definitely not banned
    (seffychan is the full username)
  6. Mine is better :p the girls voice has more beauty :)
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  7. oh, i thought you were saying about roblikescake. lol i read it as "i wonder if his seffy has seen it" for some stupid reason.
  8. ah i understand :D
    so do people know who seffychan is?
  9. I don't know her but i would like to know if she has anything to do with this thread lol
  10. She just is a big cake fan...She has a cake tree on her res :D
  11. Well bring her on over here than :)
  12. hehehehe
  13. Mine has more Grove :mad:
  14. This is my thread :p booom i got you there lol
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  15. Can't believe all the players being banned? Rob, PT, Happy, MR2...
  16. Wow
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