This is art.

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by IcecreamCow, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. So. Maxarias has her mansion thingy. Justin's always had his pyramid. Aikar has his giant Obsidian box called Eternia or something. It's finally time to present to you, IcecreamCow's "thing".

    It's titled: "This is art."

    You can find it on SMP1.

    Like all great art, it should be discussed extensively. You may do so now.

    Make sure to go and take great #Selfies at #ThisIsArt and post them here as well.

  2. How many cow heads are there?

    EDIT: First!
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  3. It's art man. Not numbers.

    (I have no idea.)
  4. Fair enough, I suppose.
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  5. PROTIP!

    I realize I accidentally created this on the current "North Pole" lot...

    So for now, you can use /v NorthPole to get there.

    Art is trippy, man.
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  6. It's soooo puuuuuurrrrrty.
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  7. Aright!
    Don't get a big head over this ICC.


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  8. I feel bad for am jealous of the neighbors of the residence...
  9. All I did was give them something to do with the children. Now they don't have to travel so far to find a fantastic art museum.
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  10. Its missing something...something red, and loud, and destructive.
  11. There is no death involved with beautiful art like this ;)
  12. Destruction is not death, it is the act of making a clean slate, a fresh start.
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  13. The fact that the cow heads pretty much have 4 faces bothers me more then anything....
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  14. Oh man... I thought you used actual player heads at first and I was like "oh god.... those neighbors won't be able to play with all that lag"
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  15. And my obsidian box is just... incomplete... :/ I've got like 1/4th of a wall up? :3
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  16. Pff there is probably TNT stashed away in those heads and you don't even know it! lol KA-BOOM
  17. Just visited it, Really cool :)
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