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  1. hi :) im new on the server and my first impression is that this server is awesome. but i got 1 question
    how do you breed animals???
  2. Welcome to the Empire!
    I think it's awesome, too. For the record.

    To breed animals, feed wheat to two animals of the same species that are near each other. If they are already following a baby animal, they will not breed.
  3. Welcome to the Empire adrian:)

    On which server are you playing ? smp1 or 2 ?
  4. im playing on smp 1. i got a residens by luck when the server told me that there was no spots left.
    btw how do i find out which number my residens have
  5. type /res info while standing in it :) And welcome!
  6. Your first impression would be correct... this serve is indeed awesome.

    Welcome to the Empire!
  7. Hope you have as much fun as i do :D!
  8. Welcome to the Empire! I agree, the sever is quite amazing :D
    As for your question, try this link

    I'm sure you will get a great amount of information from there.
  9. I have made a huge tower with heaps of floors and an underground area with mooshrooms and a wolf next to the tower. I also have a smaller watch tower.
    Inside the big tower there is a shop, small pool, potion area and more. Feel free to look around at my house on smp1.
    Type /v 413 or type /v blockmoon
  10. why are you spamming this same message all over the forums?
  11. What message?