The wheat farm on smp 9 wilderness. Creeper attack! I rebuilt as well as I could.

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  1. I really hope it didn't appear to anyone that I intentionally damaged anything. While I was reading the inviting sign that had been left by the builder of the wheat farm (and thinking "hey what a nice person") I was snuck up on by a creeper. Consequently, I repaired the corner of the farm and also rebult part of the hill. While I was doing that, another creeper got me and I went back to repair two trees, replaced a sign that had been left by another visitor and repaired the hill again.

    Please understand that I did my best to leave it as I had found it. I know that damaging others' creations is against the rules but the damage was done by a creeper and I did what I could to fix it. I replanted lots of wheat as per the request on the sign.

    Thanks very much!
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  2. This is okay as long as it was accidental and you fixed your mistake, creeper attacks happen to the best of us.
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  3. whoever owns it needs to torch it better lol
  4. Good grief I've never been hit by so many creepers within such a short time-frame. After I had fully repaired the corner of the wheat farm, I got clobbered again on my way out. No wheat was harmed this time though lol :D
  5. i think aikar has been messing with spawn rates, i had three ghasts spawn right by me the other day
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  6. Yeah, ghast spawning has been really high since we updated.
  7. Where is this place EXACTLY
  8. Over there ------>
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  9. Lol but where in the wild is it so I can go to it
  10. Bit hard to do if you're permabanned.
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  11. No offence, but if you are permabanned for griefing, then i find it unlikely that anyone will share any sort of location with you.
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  12. He also just got site banned lastnight for posting bids in auctions.
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