The warriors of the wilderness! A group who does not fail!

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  1. We are the warriors of war. With skills and power to take down any thingy that gets in our way. We are a group who does not fail and will rip the heart of all of our enemy's. Survive in the wilderness with our selfs and be alongside each other in battle. We will not fail. We are the warriors of the wild. Nothing can get in our way. Flee or face our wrath.

    We are a group of skilled warriors that can do anything.
    I am looking for a group of people. Maybe up to 5 players that will not fail and we will have camps out in the wild, fight bosses, and rule the wild.
    If you would like to sign up please use the application.

    What are your skills:
    Are you active:
    Why so you want to join:
    If you see a boss when scouting, what is the first thing you do:
    What is the best to do in the heat of battle:

    Have fun!