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Is it better to have /rescue or no /rescue command

Yes 1 vote(s) 50.0%
No 1 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. Hello i've expirenced being lost in the wilderness i was getting resource it was like a water world i had to use mod called nightlight to get me out i did glitched flying and found boats to get to the spawn i thought i would never leave without those mods. We should let town commands to get out of wilderness or add a command called / rescue to take you to your residence or spawn whos with me
    repost if you agree:)
  2. There is a command called "/rescue"

    it is possessed by administrators and senior staff.
    Also, this "Nightlight" and "Glitched flying" sounds more like a hacking client. Just sayin' ;)
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  3. Yup. Sounds to me like you just admitted to using mods that earn permanent bans from EMC...
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  4. Lol i didnt know theres a recue sorry for that but i was really lost and margaritte thats a photo of you? its kinda scary when i look at it
  5. its not a hack client its from zombe
  6. Yah it's me - sorry to be so scary....
  7. just please dont tell emc i really like the server
  8. You do realize you are on the EMC forums? lol
  9. Hacking tools are not allowed on EMC. This includes flying and "night light"...

    If you wish to appeal your ban, do so over private message and not on the public forums.
  10. how do i do it?
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