The Thief of Time

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  1. I hope you enjoy this short story I wrote 4 years ago!

    Long ago the elder mage named Chronos created a artifact known as the hourglass of eternity. This device controlled time and allows him to change it. Yet with this power Chronos went mad and attempted to destroy the world known as Avabruck. A hero came to the challenge of defeating Chronos.
    Their battle was long and harsh but the hero disposed of the crazed mage and left him for dead. But upon his defeat he uttered these words to the hero.

    "I will return, once I do the world will be in peril".

    The hero never forgot these words. They trouble him every day, even now that he is king. Mirlas never forgot the words Chronos said.
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  2. It was yet a new day that the thief Cadorley was making his way to town. Cadorley had been called by the king for a reason he did not know. It worried him that he would be met with charges for theft as any thief would, yet the young thief was surprised at what the king wanted with him.
    The king greeted him. Cadorley looked around the room there where guards to his right and left standing right next to the velvet carpet to the throne. One looked at him. The guard frowned with disappointment but said nothing. Suddenly king Mirlas began to talk.

    "Thief, I invite you here today to tell you that this kingdom needs your help".

    "What is it you require my king"? Cadorley questioned.

    "I have heard reports from the patrol that something has been lurking around the forest. I as king ask that you find this creature, if you I will drop your charges of theft. Do you accept"? The thief thought about it for a moment. He had many charges and had invaded them so far, but this could be a good opportunity. He accepted.
    The king bid him Farwell and Cadorley set out for the forest.
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  3. It was dark since the tall, green oaks blocked out the sun. Cadorley was yet determined to find who this mysterious thing was and why it was in the forest.
    Many hours had passes and night was fast approaching Avabruck. The thief was barely awake when suddenly he heard a crack of a twig. He frantically looked around for what had stepped on it, but to his amazement what he saw was a robed man. The man looked at him as if he was staring into Cadorley's vary soul then he spoke.

    "Tell the king that death will come to him and his kingdom and that Coronas has returned" Cadorley quickly lunged at the man with his dagger but in a instant the man was gone and all that was left was the fresh scent of oak and the air. Then Cadorley ran back as fast as the wind itself.
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  4. Once he had arrived he told Mirlas the news. The king revelled with anger and fear at what he had heard and knew this day would come.

    "Cadorley there is a way to stop Chronos but it is a book hidden in the Library of the Magnus. You will need to steal this book and use it to stop Chronos for if he gets his hands on the timepiece of eternity who knows what shall happen to our world." And with that the king sent Cadorley for the Library of the Magnus and directions on how to get there, but to steal the book he required it would take all his skill and cunning. But the one thing Cadorley did not know about The Library was that there was something happening about with it's guardian.
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  5. Cadorley had ventured far to get to the Library of The Magnus over seas he went dealing with the treats it had to offer. After many days of traveling he reached shore, he saw the many large firs on the shore looked like a forest the captain then said something that caught his attention.

    "Be careful out there boy, some places are better left unexplored." The captain had a sense of fear in his voice his eyes staring into the distance as if there was something out there he didn't like.

    "I will be careful, thank you for the warning. May your travel home be merry." Cadorley said as he walked of the boat and onto the shore. The instant he stepped foot on land he felt a overwhelming presence around him his hands tingling with fear. As he walked the presence got stronger and more powerful until he finally reached a large sodden building with various statues of what looked like robed mages outside. But there was not just stone statues of mages but an actual mage at the door.

    "Who are you?" Cadorley yelled out onto the wind. But all that came out of the man's mouth was muttering and gibberish. Cadorley walked over slowly his cloak waving in the wind with him, but as he got closer the presence got stronger. Then words came out of the mage's mouth.

    "Death comes to you Cadorley, it comes." This surprised Cadorley as he never met this man, yet before he could ask how he knew his name the mage cast a huge fireball at him.

    "What was that for!" Cadorley yelled.

    "That was the power of the Magnus." Then heat and fire surrounded the Magnus.
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  6. "You shall be burned by the ever consuming fire Cadorley" The Magnus announced. Cadorley quickly looked around feeling the wet sweat crawl down his face as he did. There was no way out, no way to escape from the maniac that was the Magnus so he had only one choice to fight.

    "I will defeat you even if it I die trying" Cadorley yelled. Once he yelled those words he pulled out his swords from there sheaths and charged at the Magnus.

    "As you wish Cadorley, as you wish." The Magnus summoned up a large bright orange flaming wall in front of him preventing the rouges assault. Cadorley stopped in his tracks feeling the heat getting stronger and seeing the massive wall of flames in front of him. So he came up with another idea, he charged through the fire as fast as he could and made it out with all but a minor burn and less hair.

    "What now? I got you right where I need you." Then Cadorley lunged at the Magnus but he was thrown back and fell onto the grassy ground. The Magnus then spoke but it didn't sound like how he originally did.

    "Well I see you want to defeat me, well that won't happen as I shall use the Magnus' powers to burn every book here then nobody shall defeat Chronos!" Exclaimed the Magnus. Then the Magnus turned his back and started to channel a spell, yet before he could finish Cadorley knocked him out cold with the hilt of his sword.
    A few hours later the Magnus woke up apologized for what had happens and said something had taking over his mind. Cadorley explained what he was there for so the Magnus gave him the book and bid him farewell. Now that Cadorley had the book it was time to take down Chronos.
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  7. Cadorley arrived back home and went immediately to Mirlas with the book, but when he arrived something was wrong. Everyone was dead but the king...

    "What happened King Mirlas!" Cadorley yelled in fright.

    "Chronos, he came and killed everyone but left me with a message for you"

    "What is it?"

    "Chronos will not be defeated, he will not die and most importantly he will... not... lose." Then King Mirlas leaned back a bit, Cadorley held his back up. But there was no breath from the king and no life. Cadorley then left the castle he didn't know where to go but he knew who to ask. He must go find the brother of Chronos. Janus...
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  8. After asking around and doing some reading he found that Janus lives in the mountains secluded from the rest of civilization. Cadorley had begin his ascent but a storm was brewing and he would not get there easily. Thunder roared and the lighting screamed as it shot past him, rain poured drenching his cloak and robe making it more difficult to walk and climb. Suddenly as soon as it began it ended and light shone through the darkness and mist, Then Cadorley saw it a small stone home with a red roof and a large window near the top. He looked closer as he walled up and the closer he look the more he could make out and in the window was a man peering out. The man walked out of his house and saw Cadorley he looked at his ragged clothing then looked right at him into his eyes.

    "Who are you? Are you here to kill me? Is so be cautious though I'm old I know a thing or two."

    "I'm Cadorley master thief and the royal spy of the king are you Janus." The man looked at him some more his grey beard moving with him as he turned his head.

    "So what if I am what is it to you, thief?" Janus spoke angrily.

    "I need your help to find Chronos, do you know how?"

    "My brother? So the rumors are true. I will help you but you must prove yourself worthy to me."

    "How?" Questioned Cadorley. The old man bellowed with laughter then looked at Cadorley.

    "Through a game."
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  9. "The game is simple, just beat me in a game of chess." Janus said quietly to Cadorley.

    "Fine I will play but if I win tell me where Chronos is"

    "Good let's begin!" Janus pronounced loudly. He then led Cadorley inside where a chess board laid on the table next to some mugs of ale.

    "Sit down thief." Cadorley sat in a rickety wooden chair that was very uncomfortable. Janus sat in front of him and moved a piece on the chest board. Then Cadorley moved one of his pawns, this continued for many hours until Cadorley yelled out in victory.

    "Checkmate mage! I win, now where is Chronos?" demanded Cadorley with a deep stare at the mage.

    "Well I like my brother and he told me to keep this a secret, but this has gone too far. If you want to find my brother he is at the clock tower of shadows in what was the city of Altria." Cadorley thanked the mage as he handed him a map to the city and set forth for Altria.
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  10. The road to Altria was dark and gloomy as trees hanged over the dirt path blocking out the light that was there shining pass the dense clouds. Cadorley rode quietly on his chestnut horse fearing to awake an evil that could be there. After a few hours Cadorley reached the town, like the forest it was dark and gloomy and almost nobody walked the streets. He saw a citizen walking and jumped off his horse to ask for directions to the clock tower, but she just looked at him and laughed then walled away slowly. And like the first lady no other person was of help to Cadorley.

    "Why is no one bothering to just give me directions." Said in anger when he heard somebody behind him answer his question.

    "They are afraid sir. Afraid of the man in the clock tower." Said a small boy no older than 9.

    "Will you give me directions?" Asked Cadorley.

    "Simply go to your right and down the street then enter the building in front of you!"

    "Thank you." Said Cadorley as he ran off but not to his knowing the boy was who he was looking for.
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  11. Cadorley approached the clock tower swiftly he looked at it, it's shadow lingering over him as if it was calling for him to enter.

    "Hello anyone here!?" Cadorley yelled his voice echoing with the gears. To his left he saw spiraling stairs going up to the top of the tower. As Cadorley walked up he saw many items on the walls until he reached the top and here he saw a cloaked man.

    "I see you're here Cadorley. Come to kill me have you?" Said a low voice once Cadorley entered. Then the man turned around and observed the thief.

    "Wait who are you? You're not Coronas!"

    "No this is not me but simply a slave to my mind magic. Don't worry he's in lots of pain." Then as soon as the man uttered those words he took a dagger out and threw it piercing the man and killing him.

    "You think you can stop me? Well I already have the timepiece. Nobody can stop me now!" Then something quite peculiar happened. The man gained back his state of mind.

    "Thief.. Coronas he is the one that sent you here he is the boy... he... he... he is at the town hall." Then the man closed his eyes while looking at Cadorley.

    "Thank you." Then as Cadorley looked at the man he died. Be knew now that he would need to get to the town hall and he knew exactly where it was.
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  12. Cadorley ran as fast as he could until he reached town hall then he kicked down the door with as much might possible. He walked and saw the boy.

    "Hello again sir did it go all right?" Asked the boy

    "Your charade is over Chronos"

    "Who's Chronos?" Said the boy looking at Cadorley oddly.

    "You know who you're him!" Then Cadorley walled up to the boy and put his hand on his blade but as soon as he did he went flying though the room hitting a wall.

    "That should take care of him. Now let's start this spell" Said Chronos as he changed forms. The mage pulled out the timepiece of eternity and started moving letting the sand fall through the glass as he chanted some words. Cadorley woke up and saw Chronos he was dizzy but he pulled out a knife and threw it at Chronos.
    "Gahh!" Yelled Chronos in pain.

    "I got you Chronos it's over you've hurt too many people."

    "It's over Cadorley once that last speck of sand reaches the bottom you lose and I win. Even if you don't stop me I can never be killed!"

    "We'll see about that!" And as soon as those words were yelled Cadorley charged at Chronos with ferocity and his blade ready.

    "You think that will work?" With some more chanting Chronos slowed Cadorley to a snail's pace. "Time for you to die you've caused to much trouble." Cadorley blinked as Chronos walked towards him and then he remembered something from long ago in his past, something his friend said. He remembered his friend said that when times were bleak if you believed you could make it you could do it. So he believed and remembered all of the people that helped him get here and all those that perished and as if their spirits were there he broke free and stabbed Chronos.

    "You're done for Chronos."

    "Did you forget I can never truly die?"

    "Well I got a book and it said that all I need to do is destroy the timepiece of eternity." He then pocked up the artifact,

    "What is there to go back to thief? I've killed many people and with the king dead and that man you killed in the clock tower you'll be arrested and known as a hero."

    "Maybe Chronos but something I've learned through this journey is that true heroes don't need respect." Then Cadorley took the timepiece of eternity and smashed it on the floor it cracked and a huge light shined through it.

    "No, you fool! You will parish and your soul will suffer for this. I will..." But before he could finish his body became ash and his bones dust. His quest was completed he looked at the dust and ash with disgust.

    "You're done Chronos no longer will the world fear the elder mage of time." Then he left and set foot for the home of Janus where he vanished a hero of Avabruck.
    The End...
    Book 2 here
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  13. Thanks for the story, I enjoyed myself! Late reaction, but I'm always taking my time to read. Looking forward to the next part!
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