The Survivor's Stronghold

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  1. Okay, guys, wanna take a bit of your time to talk to y'all about an idea I had and am sort of working on.

    The idea is a wall just outside the Reset Zone of SMP5's Wilderness to make the Wilderness safer.

    Basically, the plan is to make this wall about 15-20 blocks high with battlements and sniping towers. If we have such an establishment, then we can quickly secure nearby people in trouble into our little safe zone and snipe any monsters we may see. This will make the Wilderness safer.

    We could be rescuing people who give us an SOS call and bringing them aboard the Wall to help us out with policing the Wilderness, or alternatively charge them for the rescue if they do not wish to help .

    Not only could we make a wall, but we could also attach buildings it only accessible through a route in the actual wall. This could potentially make the wall into a stronghold and a town in its own right, allowing more people to be rescued.

    Finally, we could build a dirt bridge that goes from the wall over the Reset Zone to the Protected Area, making it extremely safe to traverse the Wilderness even more so. And every time the zone resets, we could just rebuild the bridge, no biggie.

    So, is this a cool idea? The title denotes a cool potential name for the whole establishment, but if you have any input, please, by all means, post below :)
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  2. I helped you with this (i think) tell me when your on, ill be happy to help
  3. Yes, I shifted focus away from it to focus on the Voltia Market Complex at my Residence, but if anyone else is interested in building the stronghold, I'll shift focus back to this :)
  4. Sure sounds like an AWESOME idea!:D
    But sadly... one problem.... :eek: griefers. :confused:
    This wall would surely be awesome, but sadly, it would be one of the biggest Griefer-Targets ever in EMC :(
  5. Hm. That's a very good point. Perhaps making the wall from Obsidian would counter this?
  6. People still want obsidian :) and that will make it a bigger target if 5 people get some blocks in one they the wall becomes semi helpful.
  7. we got a dirt bridge on smp2, south but no wall.
  8. Obsidian sells for at least 3r a piece, and on average 4.5r. If one diamond pickaxe (which costs 54r*3=162r) can mine 1562 Obsidian blocks before breaking, then that would yield 4686r minimum sellable material. Minus the wasted 162r, that's 4524r profit.

    All that to say, no, Obsidian would not counter this as the extra time required to grief it is matched with proportional profit.

    Nothing in the wild is safe unless hidden.

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  9. Hidden, you say?
    Well, what if the stronghold was located underground? There could simply be hidden burrows at certain intervals surrounding the Reset Zone and these could all be linked up to each other. and since it's underground, expanding it would yield more resources. It could be made from obsidian covered with dirt and a few trees, it certainly could work.
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  10. i have a better idea why don't you Dig down and have bridges what are made with dirt so you can remove them :)
  11. I don't really understand what you mean, that sentence is quite badly written.
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  12. Sorry I was half paying attention.

    Ok why don't you Mine a ravine like hole so mobs will just fall down if they attack and then there will be no need for a wall and I carn't get greifed I will add a image soon Well i will try:)
    and when you want to get across you just use dirt :)
  13. i suggest making a raised road to a stronghold thingy waaay far away so griefers cant get to it with dirt shacks as checkpoints along the road and there would be people mining in that area and would take weekly trips back down the road to town.

    The road would be like this (...=air)
    .............._ ........_..............
    ____ ...| |___| |... ____
    .........|_| ............|_|..........
  14. Well you could get a moderator and get him on creative to make a edrock wall just an idea if a moderator agrees. ;)
  15. Moderator do not have access to Creative Mode.
  16. Uhhh Yes they do
  17. i dont think they do and even if they did they werent going to make that
  18. Well they do ask shaunwhite1982 ask dark_liz they do, do you know why they do? well I saw them.
  19. Ah, yes, that would work!
    The whole thing is meant to police the Wilderness, we can't do that from far away.
    No, they don't. It is stated in the Empire Guide that this is a legit server and everyone, including the mods, plays like that.
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