The SMP8 Teleportation Hub

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  1. The SMP8 Teleportation Hub
    /v +Hub on SMP8

    Best Minecraft Servers
    General Information:

    The SMP8 Teleportation Hub is there for New/Old players
    to find an easier way to find Shops. Our sleek and modern design
    makes the Teleportation Hub an easy way to find shops located
    on SMP8.

    You Want To Be Added?

    If you want to be featured in the Smp8 Teleportation
    Hub you need to pass several criteria and post in this
    thread. The shop owner has to be more then 10 days old,
    The shop has to be more then 10 days open, The owner
    has to restock and be active in-game. Do you pass all these
    criterias then comment below for your chance to be featured
    in the SMP8 Teleportation Hub.

    Shops We Feature:

    Ulti Incorporation-Mega Mall
    SirTah's PromoShop-PromoShop
    khixan-Specialty Shop
    rdmaster-Specialty Shop
    PeculiarPotato-Combat Shop

    -More To Come-


    Kytula- For giving me the idea - Visit Kytula's
    Teleportation Hub on 2112 SMP1.

    So_Inferno - For building The Teleportation Hub, You
    want something built, modern, PM him on the Forums.
    -Amazing Builder-

    -Donations Appreciated-
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  2. Azoundria's smp8 Mall-16111
    iUlti Inc's Mall-16059
    The TCB Mall-16004
    jhtk01's Market-16067
    The "Medieval Mall"-16400
    Guill's MiniPromo Store-17444
    Zion_Moyer's Promo Shop-16247
    SirTah's Promo Shop-17888
    SteveClasher's Promo Museum and Store-16833
    MarcoFLC's Shop-16175
    Matious's Shop-16692
    PeculiarPotato's Pvp Shop-16394
    UltiPig's Enchanted Bookstore-16097
    More to come soon, including new sections...
    Here you go.. Heres my list so far.
    Dont forget about /v +bulk as well. ;)
  3. You should add /v +bulk( sgtpepper's shop)

    Awesome build! I will use it from now on!

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  4. If you do any smaller specialty shops, here's mine and RD's. If not, no worries :)

    Blood & Love on my 2nd res. I just do mob heads/body parts (the blood), and flowers/nature up on the 2nd floor (the love).

    rdmaster also has a specialty shop - potions. On his 1st.

    Great idea, like it, thx Tah!
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  5. The Combat Shop on my 4th res. I sell God Armor, tools, god apples, and potions. I may add more things in the future, just haven't had time on my hands :/

    Edit: Looks like I've been ninja'd and I didn't even realize it! Can I make you a logo for this? I've realized you're using the Ubuntu logo.....
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  6. This is awesome! (Thank you for the *hat tip* lol MercenaryCrow was my inspiration lol )

    Shel is making a TP hub also ^_^ I've been meaning to get my + tag the same as his so players only have to remember the one.

    So 3 SMP's so far have hubs, only 7 more to go... hmm if only I had more time, and an alt :p
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  7. Somehow, me and SirTah created the exact type of thread on the exact date near the exact hour. :/ (I swear we didn't plan it) Don't forget to check mine too ;)
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  8. Link Ender please?
  9. Can you explain why the shop owner has to be 50 days+ and the shop 30 days+?
  10. Do you really need to understand the economy to make a shop? No.
    Would you really apply for this if you weren't serious? Most likely not.
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  11. @EnderMagic1 thanks for suggesting me!
    @sirtah i would love to be part of you smp8 hub :p
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  12. BTW I love the ubuntu logo <3
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  13. My shop and promo museum 17175 and 16833 has stuff that get restock (shop is in remodeling).
    I could add you in my casino's res hub too if you want.
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  14. Just wondering if this hub/directory is still being maintained considering your thread about having to cut back on EMC time?