The SMP4 waste reset rebelion

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  1. So today me and my friend Dim5678 attempted to stop the wasteland reset. First we started off by protesting with signs outside the waste outpost.

    We placed signs for about half an hour and then got bored. We came back about 30 minutes before the reset and started placing signs at our small blown up cobble outpost. We started yelling but no one could hear us because we weren't supporters. Then I got killed by a zombie and as I was walking back we got the message that the reset was starting. We continued to rebel by doing NOTHING!

    We started yelling in local chat then the waste reset, and we were teleported into nothing. After about 5 minutes of being stuck in blackness of nothingness with a few other people trying to save their horses and stuff, we finally got teleported to the frontier spawn. We tried to get back to the waste but the serious TPS lag kept us from doing so. Finally we got to the waste and realized our attempts to stop the reset and save our old broken cobble outpost had failed. We walked into the new waste and broke stuff.

    7/12/15 7:19 PM Dim5678 breaks the first block in the new wastelands

    7/12/15 7:22 PM TromboneSteve chops down the first birch tree in the new wastelands

    7/12/15 7:23 PM Dim5678 picks the first flower in the new wastelands

    7/12/15 7:24 PM Redstonebosss chops down the first oak tree in the new wastelands

    Proud of our achievements, we continued to break stuff... Then I had to eat dinner.
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  2. Solution : Take screenshots of the entire wasteland, rebuild it as it was.
  3. Yeah, but no one can rebuild our awesome tiny blown up cobblestone outpost :(
  4. Actually, the new wasye wasn't that bad. Liked the new outpost, and there would be no more clucking at the outposts due to chickens. Too bad we had to abandon our blown-up cobble outpost,and we will start a newer, better-looking, not so blown up one in the new waste. P.S. You spelled rebellion wrong.
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  5. Dang it, I knew I spelled that wrong...

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