The servers are down.

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  1. This thread is to occupy our time since the servers are down, you can post memes to entertain us, sites we can visit, or just talk about whats going on in your life.

    Please follow Empire rules.

    One more thing, lets keep this thread for when this happens again, instead of making a new one.

  2. So I get to break rules because you said I could, right?
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  3. So many threads about this
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  4. Heh, sorry.
    Its fixed now, I am having a terrible day typing.
  5. This is going to be a meme thread! I just know it!
  6. I did... say. ;)
  7. oh god who invited you..........MEME EXPLOSION
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  8. OFF* Sorry had to do that, it was bugging me. Just like the Mojang Multiplayer Session servers being down... :mad:
  9. It's Minecraft login servers not EMC that are down, sad to say seems to happen a lot these days
  10. I understand my typing may have errors, today I just cant type :/
  11. this is my catthis is my dogthis is a parrot i want
  12. Skin help <Why not go to that thread and help me get ideas for a new skin I can make?
  13. Why not log on to EMC and type in to chat;
    /r pay RainbowChin 1000

    Oh wait.....
  14. Ha ha! You really think I have that much money?
  15. Hmmm eating homemade banana pudding mmmmm so good oo what >.> yea same here sorry got lost in this wonderful treat :D
  16. minecraft should be back up is up. but emc has to restart...
  17. Why do they need to restart?