The Rapacity of EMC

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  1. A few days ago I was in town and bored so I decided I would invite the community to trade with me for a few kind words. I had a double chest set up full of allium (one in each slot) that was accessible to all as well as two anvils behind it that were fully accessible. I announced in town chat that if they would come to my residence, they could rename an allium using one of my anvils and get a diamond in return. All I asked was that the allium was renamed with something kind. Of the people that showed up, almost all of them were grateful as well as a bit weary of what I was actually doing :p There were members in the waste while I was doing this, so I informed them they could come by whenever it was convenient for them. Because of this, I left the chest fully accessible to everyone even when I logged off of EMC for the night. The next day I came back and to my surprise the double chest of allium was completely empty. There were no renamed flowers and there was no mail with someone requesting a diamond in return. It was just interesting to me, because if they would have paid attention and thought for a second before being greedy, they would have realized they could get something much more valuable and useful in return. This is not a complaint thread and I'm not asking for anyone to be reprimanded as flowers are easily replaceable and I did give access to everyone purposefully. I know that not everyone is greedy, but t's just something to think about as a community and going forward into the future.
  2. But the good thing is, that you did make many people happy, and many people made you happy! I'm glad you did this, and I'm sure you'll do something similar again later, even though it seemingly didn't end too well this time!
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  3. But do you even flower bro?
  4. Word of the day: Rapacity.
  5. The big question here is who would steal allium?
  6. Someone who appreciates the color purple :p
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  7. I LOVE purple, but it was not I, I swear :( though I did put something in your chest.
  8. I saw that lol. Thanks!
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  9. There are all kinds of people in our world. I noticed a long time ago that people seemed to enjoy exploring my Residence so I hid several chests around it and put items in them. Sometimes people ask if they can have some or all of the items. Sometimes I find people swap items, which may result in a trade up or down. I've even found people adding items in order to make faces or messages. Sometimes people just clean the chests out and leave. Occasionally, I find that someone starts regularly checking them and I stop filling them for a while to break the habit.

    I would like to think that the rapacious acts are balanced out by the generosity of others.
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  10. Wow. They took a bunch of flowers, but they didn't want diamonds? This happened on my residence once, people kept taking my public books to read.
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  11. I agree and the hidden chests are a nice idea that I might actually have to borrow whenever I finally finish my reset res. I just like the idea of kindness in general, so maybe the person that did it will see this thread and think about it next time they feel like being greedy.

    Haha yeah, that's what I mean. I publicly offered free diamonds in exchange for kind words. Can't win them all though.
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  12. I don't know about you, but I can relate to this person whoever he was that took the flowers. I would also like a double chest full of flowers saying nice things. :D
  13. The chest didn't have renamed flowers. It was the one for people to rename for me and trade for diamonds.
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  14. I'll say it was Professor Plum, in the study, with the candlestick. Either that or Nccoryg, he admitted to his uncontrollable desire for all things purple :)
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  15. Welcome to EMC....
  16. What is a Rapacity? Rapper City? Straight Outta Compton?
  17. 'Tis the nature of human beings, I'm afraid. You see a chest of goodies that you can take, the temptation is real. Is it right? Of course not. Did it pay off for this person in the long run? Well, if they had put their thinking cap on, they would have realized they were risking a permanent ban. That equals no EMC and definitely no flowers. Not to mention the fact that you had this fun and generous event set-up where he or she could have gotten diamonds instead of guilt-ridden flowers. So, was it worth it? I think not. I'm sorry someone was so inconsiderate :(
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  18. I still stand by my response, I can't be the only one who wouldn't like a DC of flowers renamed to nice things about you. :D
  19. Well... they took the flowers, but not the diamonds...
  20. Lol I didn't leave the diamonds out in the open :p They were supposed to rename the flower, give it to me, then I'd give them a diamond. And it's not the fact that it was just flowers. It's the fact that they took all of them for no reason other than greed. Even if it was diamonds, I could have easily replaced them but that isn't the point.
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