The Queen is back

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  1. If anyone remembers me, I am back on Smp5 and will soon have an awesome shop!
    Still Queen of Middle Earth - our outpost is alive and healthy thanks to God_of_Gods and the rest of the gang who have been improving and building all these years. I've missed this place!!!!
    Corona virtual hugs to everyone
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  2. Welcome back oh mighty Queen! Nice to see returning members.
  3. Welcome back! :)
  4. Welcome back! I saw you in-game recently :D
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  5. Welcome back! Hope to see you around.
  6. Welcome back :)
  7. Welcome back to the empire. :)

  8. I thought about an Elton John song but decided against it.
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  9. Welcome back! I think I remember you but I'm not 100% sure
    either way, I hope we can get well acquainted!
  10. Welcome back!
  11. Hello Petunia! Hope to see you soon.
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