The New Mega Mall of Smp 4

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  1. Mega Mall

    This week the mall will open!
    It took a lot of time and money but its there!
    We will be selling the following items!

    • Wood and Saplings
    • Wool and Dyes
    • Tools and Armour
    • Nether and More
    • Promo´s
    • Food and Nature
    • Building and Decoration Blocks

    The total cost for the Mall is 120.000 $
    Whe are stocking the Mall at the moment but it will open soon!
    ( I geuss it will be open this friday , the 26th of december! )

    Becouse the build cost so much I´m almost running out of rupees :-(
    Donations would be very appricated :)

    ( Money donations can be send to marijn2552 or other stuff by mail )

    If people got any tips for the Mall, please write them down in the comment section!

    Ill add some pictures of the Mall in his current state
    We hope to get the new Mega Mall of Smp4!

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