The mystery of 3140

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  1. So, I was on SMP2 today, talking to some friends, when one of them tells me to go to 3041. I accidentaly typed 3140 and I got this message: That residence is located in a different server! Server you are on now: Server the residence is on:
    As I'm a curious person, I decided to do /res info, to see who owned the residence. It said: Invalid residence. I immediately told people to try to go to 3140. They had the same problem.
    So I went to 3139, walked to 3140, to see whose res it was, there wasn't a enter message or a leave message, there were a lot of trees in the residence, some sell chests (the person selling was jennifer101010, which was last seen 262 days ago), some buildings...
    At this point a lot of people were in the residence.
    Me and SecretAznEks made some tests to see what this residence actually was, such as see if there was fall damage, hunger damage (the res didn't regenerate hunger), nothing happened. I then noticed that everyone had container (all the chests were empty :/) and use. We didn't have build, but each time we tried to place a block, it said: In town, you can only build in you residence and all that stuff that appears when you place a block in the actual town.
    I thought it was a cool mystery, so I decided to post it here. Any explanations? :D
    Also, if any mods or admins could tell me what this is, please do, I'm curious :p
  2. Holy Panda Poo.exe
  3. This sounds interesting.

    Also one time I found a residence, I got there by /v open or was it /res open can't quite remember the command but anyways, there was this residence there wasnt owned (or JustinGuy owned it, but he owns every open residence)
    But the weird thing is that this residence HAD buildings on it, even tho it wasnt owned by anyone. I told people about that residence and got RetroTech (if I remember correctly) to claim that res. He claimed the residence but the buildings, doors, chest and such was still there. He looted everything, and we had fun with fire =P
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  4. We should refer to it as "Area 3140".
  5. Be Careful the Ghost of Jennifer101010 might haunt you!!!
  6. I was just about to go to sleep in my tree! XD
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  7. Thats creepy.. <,<.. It has the feel of a haunted res..
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  8. awesome :)
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  9. After going there, it does feel haunted...
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  10. its a ghost ooooo
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  11. and my brothers will have to check that immediately. This is the most exciting post I've seen in years.
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  12. Why Am I liking every post on this thread?
  13. I have a feeling that jennifer101010 is going to come out of our computer screens and kill us all...
  14. Chuck Norri's res!
    oh guys if you enter this res YOU WILL DIE!

  15. she will get you...
  16. Chuck Norris is lame. Witchabam.

    Like that scary maze game? or that YouTube video of that car driving down the road?

    It would be freaky if she actually was murdered while playing on EMC.
  17. Don't even say that..... :O
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  18. My hunger bar dropped to zero when I stayed in the res for a couple minutes. Is the server trolling us?
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  19. As Justin said,
  20. Creepy stuff.
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