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  1. I figured instead of many different threads about music we could have one main one(maybe even stickied?) For people to post videos,songs and discuss all things music.
    Also remember that if a song has lyrics not approved by the EMC rules to put a warning before the song.

  2. A few of my favorites:

    Spencer Davis Group
    -Steve Winwood is only around 18 in this video.. WOW

    Dust is a very underrated 70's band. Actually Marky Ramone's first band ( and the drumming is shockingly amazing :p )

    Budgie... can't say enough about budgie. They were in the shadow of Black Sabbath unfortunately, but this band was the inspiration behind TONS of supergroups. I think you will recognize this particular tune, and yes, they did it first.
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  3. For people who don't know how to put a proper warning,
    [spoiler=Warning: Explicit Content][media=youtube]3RjCVZni27o[/media][/spoiler]
    Just make sure to change the "3RjCVZni27o" to whichever watch?v=3RjCVZni27o that is found at the end of a YT Video's URL address. Other applicable media sites are Facebook and Vimeo.
  4. What I've been listening to lately:

    One of their less heavy songs, but it's just amazing when a band is almost better live than on the actual album.

    And then for something more upbeat:
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  5. Opeth is awesome. Over the weekend my brother went to see Opeth, Animals As Leaders, Mastodon, and Thrice. I didn't have the money for a hotel room so I couldn't go...
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  6. So this is pretty much the manliest band ever.
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  7. The first time I heard this my brain exploded.

    This is the most random video ever.

    These next two make a two part music video/short film.

    This last one has really cool special fx.
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  8. Nice, nice. I like most of the bands you posted.

    As of late I've been trying to listen to a lot of different stuff and I've been enjoying genres and styles that I didn't think I would ever like:

    Some jazz fusion/instrumental hip-hop:

    Some really catchy experimental rock:

    Some weird hip-hop (contains racial slurs):

    And then some upbeat, relaxing ambient:

  9. and for something different

  10. Hey, someone was going to..

    My favourite song right here.
  11. Definitely a good idea - especially having it stickied :)
  12. A couple of my (many) favourites:

    And I thought I would just add this one as well :)

  13. I Dont Know How To Do The Explict Hide Thing And To Get The Videos :p
  14. Warning, has awesome guitar parts in it.
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  15. Just can't resist posting good music ;)

    Amy Macdonald:

    Bruce Hornsby & The Range:

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  16. Reverend and the Makers: Open Your Window

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