The magic is strong in this one ....

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  1. I simply have to share this one - it's too hillarious to stay hidden.

    When i started my plot construction i figured i would need arrows at some stage and got me some well educated chicken from a local supplier. Fenced and fed i expected loads of eggs and thus ... loads of new chicken.

    While fixing roof and pond i made an occasional check on my chicks - nothing. Not a single egg - i started to wonder why and figured it might just be a glitch and all will revert to normal soon. Some stacks of self-caught fish from the pond later i checked on my feathery friends again - NOTHING!

    I started to suspect i had missed something and there might be some special chickens on the empire server and waited for securecheese to come online to ask about it.

    She came over to my plot to 'admire' the mess i had done with the materials and while standing in my barn it made the well-known sound of 'plop' and there it was: an egg!! And not just one - but a double twin pair even!!!

    So i can only strongly recommend the motivational service of securecheese if you ever encounter any breeding problems ;)
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  2. You were probably not in the chunk the chicken were, so no eggs spawned :) So next time stand next to the chicken farm and the eggs will come piling in.
  3. Thats what i thought as well to begin with - but the chicken are on my plot. The mentioned roof is right above them - so i was definitly not outside of the chunk. Thats why its so funny
    If you're over 12 blocks they won't lay eggs. You can circumvent this by putting the chickens in water.
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  4. Oh - that's some very useful info Penguin. Wasnt aware of that it is just 12 blocks - that might well have been the case for me. But putting them into water wont happen - that somehow sounds just wrong for me :D Guess i will have to sit right beside them and cheer them up then