The Iron Temple

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  1. This is the wild base and (not very efficient) iron farm Eklektoi, ItsMeMatheus, and I have been working on. Most of it is located underground, in a desert biome. Click on the thumbnails to view the full picture.

    2013-04-12_15.39.09.png 2013-04-12_15.41.08.png
    The entrance building. (Rebuilt on singleplayer, to hide location on servers. Looks exactly alike.)

    2013-04-10_10.56.59.png 2013-04-10_18.02.01.png
    The entrance room.

    2013-04-10_10.55.57.png 2013-04-10_18.17.56.png
    The main room and collection area for the iron farm.

    2013-04-10_10.54.01.png 2013-04-10_17.55.57.png
    The work and storage area.

    2013-04-10_10.53.16.png 2013-04-10_10.53.35.png
    The bedroom.

    2013-04-10_13.48.03.png 2013-04-10_17.17.03.png
    The produce farm and generators.
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  2. I will be updating this thread as often as I can with new pictures. I will also try to make a video tour.
  3. can i join?
  4. Cool, looks good! :)
    I just know someone will ask where this is... I just know it.
  5. Cool, looks awesome! :)
  6. Looking good! Who is baby bear?
  7. Woah, nice build! Looks epic! :D
  8. I think its Boby Bear XD

    I mean, it looks like Baby Bear, but im just guessing its bob XD
  9. Did you guys locate the spawning cells underground? (hmmm sounds like good idea, must copy.... wait what, i dunno what your talking about I dont plan on copying this..... muahahaha)

    Very nice though, I know you guys were working on something :p
  10. This is a private base. We intend to keep it that way, with only friends.

    It's from the story about Goldilocks, and it's just a joke.

    Never. But I do use that bed. :/
  11. :3 yeh... I put the three names on signs there after the beds were placed, to see if bob or math would get the joke :3 ... we just never removed them... Since bob didn't want to be a woman he became baby bear <3 ... and guess i'm Mother Bear ... and Matheus is Father Bear :3 bahaha ... no real significant order ... but the whole things was just a joke :p
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  12. I had no knowledge of the signs over the beds lol
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  13. oh ... well .... 'Surprise!' bahahaha :3
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  14. Update: More pics added to main post.
  15. Added pics of the entrance building.
  16. is it still up and running?
  17. Oh my... That bump....
    Please don't bump threads unnecessarily, especially those many months old.
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  18. sorry, i found this place on utopia and wanted to know if it was working and didn't want to start a new thread since one existed on it.
  19. I'm not sure. I haven't been on utopia ever since I lost diamond supporter.
  20. I have to unclog some of the drop offs - where the golems are spawning ... but essentially it still works, yes ...

    also) I don't want to remove it cause someone else built it ... but someone made a cobble path way all the way to the base - no offence but bases aren't always exactly made to be found easily :p