The Incredible Machine Contest: Official Voting Thread

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  1. The Incredible Machine:
    Contest Over!

    VOTING CLOSED, with .56% of the Empire voting! Congratulations to the winners!

    Grand Prize (25k, stack of diamonds): Margaritte (18% of the vote)
    First Prize (20k): PThagaard (13.5%)
    Second Prize (15k): EEJester (10.5%)
    Third Prize (10k): Sunslayer_1337 (7.5%)

    Function Prize (5k): drago2308 / _Stads_ (9.75/10)
    Creativity Prize (5k): Cypher3c (9.75/10)
    Aesthetics Prize (5k): Jano07 (9.75/10)

    (Badges will be sent to all of the winners in PMs)

    And finally:
    The official video contains entries from: copherfield, gtabmx, iCurtis23, EEJester, flattenpancake, theenigmaparadox, bob23646, Zabriel, Sunslayer_1337, PThagaard, iinsaneoj, bobalek, Ijiojiugyhhh, kaximat1, ditilwick, EukkaLyptuzz, RandomZh, Prothagarus, beanat, just_five_fun, darklands99

    Thanks to everyone who participated, entered, and voted! You guys made this contest amazing! :)

  2. I prob wont win... I've seen way better ones. Good luck everyone! :D
    *EDIT* omg 1st one to comment on this
  3. Wow this is awesome, I watched every video, we really have some talented people on EMC!
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  4. I like a whole lot of these entries!
  5. As I said on the Landscaping contest, I miss a system to authenticate who votes, it would be easy to anyone take the players list, and vote himself again and again,even if you don't count the repeated ones, it's riducully easy to hack....
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  6. I totally agree with this, i believe the best way to do this it's a poll in here, or a system that authenticates the players and each ones votes.
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  7. I love all of these. Much better than my epic ability to make a piston go up and down, that's for sure.
  8. Achievement get!
    This does seem cheesy! :p
  9. Yea, I did some thinking about that, and I think the survey is just easier to manage the way I did it than using the EMC survey option.

    Still though, I wish I'd found a better way to avoid that :p
  10. I think we should throw 1 stack of wool to each entry :D Cause all that dirt... its hurting my little redstone heart!

    Anyways - great movies ! Wish i had the knowhow to make one too..
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  11. I have opened a hole in the wall now. So if anyone want to see the technology behind my machine, you can look at it now at 3060 (smp2).
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  12. Good job and good luck to all.

    I'm not jealous at all.
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  13. They would have the same IP and we will be checking the list against who has viewed this thread and been on the site recently, and then you just get banned. We also may ask some of the people that voted for the winner who they voted for.

    But yes I agree we need a better system :)
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  14. I think yours is pretty cool.
  15. Pretty impressive stuff i see :D
  16. Very sad to see some of the stuff just being copied from youtube though.. and like - without them knowing what and why it works... (Wireless redstone etc.)

    Could atleast give some credits :p

    (L.S.P.B. the funniest movie so far :D GJ you two! )
  17. I agree. There are too many things that were "ctrl+c" and "ctrl+v" from youtube.
  18. Dont get me wrong i think its fine that people use YouTube to gain knowledge - but to see SO many complete ripoffs with it being copied down to each single block... Nah - thats not cool...
  19. Thats true. Its pretty much stealing.
  20. DUDE. Nice music. Where did you get it??;)