The Idiom Thread!

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  1. So, inspired by all these random threads lately, i decided to make this, the idiom thread! for those who dont know what an idiom is, ill tell you.
    An Idiom is a phrase or sentence to be taken figuratively ( not literally ), such as:
    • Its raining cats and dogs outside!
    Now all of you, post your idioms here!
    *note that i didn't use Wikipedia or internet sources, this was off the top of my head.
  2. The one I always remember is practice makes perfect (ubung macht dem meister, spelling might not be correct), because I have to learn idioms for German and if I include it in my work it will improve my grade. PS- Acording to google translate, it means 'pollination makes perfect' aha, but Google translate isn't too good :p
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  3. LLamas con awesome-translated from mexican(i think)- llamas with awesomesause
  4. I thought the name of the thread was The Idiot Guide.
  5. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.
  6. lol, it translated "You have a big mouth" into "You have a rough mouth" :p