The IcecreamCow Head Drop Event

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by IcecreamCow, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. As you all know, I've recently limited my drops/books/etc. to semi-special events as I get asked about 100 times a day for them, and would feel bad saying yes to some and no to others. Seeing all the rage of the "suicide booths" lately, I'm going to have a suicide booth event tonight.

    On SMP6 at about 7PM Eastern time, I will setup a drop booth in which I will jump in and die 100 times. Anyone who wants to can be inside the booth and if my head drops at all in those 100 times, it will go to someone. Of course it's not a guarantee that it will drop at all, but the odds are that it will at least once or a few times.

    This is about 3.5 hours from this post time. See you there. :)

    Event starts in:
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  2. first

    Edit: Cant wait!
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  3. second

    Edit: Also can't wait!
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  4. *looks at first*
  5. now THAT is a lot better with time for warning :p i will try to attend!
  6. fifth....
  7. dang it i want one too can someone give me one :)
  8. Y'know, there's something oddly familiar about a community wanting the head of its leadership...

    Where have I seen this before... :D
  9. Man, it gives me shivers that we live on a world where that has and does happen.
  10. if i get your head, i am so putting it on a stick
    then i can see if you really taste like ice-cream >:p
  11. But on a serious note, putting them on a fence is probably the nest way to display them :)
  12. You should make a Guillotine... ;)

    *Edit* It could drop anvils on you.
  13. Wut time would that be if i lived in michigan? (I dont live there but im staying for a bit?
  14. Nvm that, I thought anvils killed you instantly upon falling on you.
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  16. Did it make any damage? It may need to be higher.
    If no damage, then it must be disabled on EMC to stop any potential PvP
  17. It did some damage, i think it just matters how high it is.
  18. Where on the server will this take place?
  19. I'll make something close to wild spawn. We'll organize in the wild spawn building and I'll make a path there or something.
  20. Must get home before 6 pm cst, no time for a shower or to cash my paycheck.... :p
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