The "I am Not Leaving Thread"

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  1. First Read the Title.

    I am not leaving, not taking a break- In fact some people won't notice anything at all.
    But my Minecrafting time will be severely reduced and possibly at very different times for the next few weeks. I am preparing to move into college in about a week and a half, followed by a week of Marching Band Camp! During this time I still have my last week of work, I have to pack, and sleep somewhere in there also. I finally understand what JustinGuy has been going through with moving - except he has moved his entire family - and it is just me moving. This is really only a fyi thread, even though I still plan on getting on EMC everyday, just on a different schedule.

    Note: This is not the place to rant about players leaving, not leaving, etc. The title is just meant to catch your attention.
  2. "rant rant rant rant" :p jk Good Luck in your class's here a tip don't get 7 or 8am class if you can choose at 9 or 10am trust me it will be life saver when Mid-terms and etc. come
  3. caught my attention *me* expecting to see rants, find out your moving well good luck at college my two years were life draining at most
  4. Hate how both of our countries have different meanings for college :p College for me = Something that is required to go to for about a year or two to graduate and get into university, and University is college for you :p

    Good luck. When I get into sixth form (college for people who have graduated from the high school that owns the college) I'm doing 2 lessons and buying stuff from the local fish and chip shop and then going home XD But I must dream on, that's about 4 years away :(
  5. I technically am going to a university, but it is still called college. lol

    It is crazy how countries that speak the same language - have such large differences between them.
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