The Hole!

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  1. I found this next to my 2nd res on Utopia! Is this a thing that happens? I have started a convo with Krysyy to get it fixed! Call in the Highway Maintenance! :)

    (See attacked pic!)

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  2. Oh no, who would attack such an innocent picture? D:
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  3. Ha Ha Ha!! My der!! lol :)
  4. Sink holes in minecraft?:eek: It is getting to real:p
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  5. No, don't get it fixed! D: Holes are a threatened species on EMC, there are so few left!
    Holes have a life too! ;-; (that's not a proper smiley, is it? Help me, Alice!)
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  6. I'm afraid The Hole is no more! It has been fixed! :)
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  7. R.I.P
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