The Giving Tree - January Contest

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    The time to announce the winner is here! Check out to see if it was you!

    To keep the Christmas spirit alive all year 'round, I will be running a series of contests and giveaways each month on my res. (smp1, 428)

    It's time to start my the first contest of the year. Happy New Year everyone! :)

    The rules of the January contest are as follows:

    1) You must have an account and residence on one of the EMC servers.
    2) To enter, simply leave a comment on this post or on the video
    3) All entries must be received by January 8th at midnight to be eligible.

    I will announce the winner during the week of January 8th, so keep an eye on this thread and my youtube channel to see if you won! Good luck, everybody!
  2. Been looking forward to this sounds like a lot of fun.
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  3. I'm in :)
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  4. Love the idea! that beacon and firework could quite useful to me. :)
    The ending is cool, and I also love time lapse videos with sheep. :D
    (Oh, and yes I do have a res.)
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  5. This sounds great! This is sure to keep the spirit of EMC alive all year long! Coupled with EMC's normal awesomeness, this is sure to be the highest point of activity in EMC history! For example, just 2 days ago, there were 65/60 people on the SMP9 server! WOW! EMC is really starting to develop and grow! :)
    (Oh yea, I do have a res!)
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  6. Please, please , please let me enter to this great give away and also happy new year to all of you and also for sonicol1 donator of a beacon gracias chespisero!
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  7. i want to enter!! I have a res!!
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  8. And i live at smp7 res /14725, and sonicol1 res changed of locatiton but he still is in smp7
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  9. Love the idea! Nice video!
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  10. I can't hear what the video says its really quiet for some reason.
  11. Count me in! I have TWO reses. Double tickets? ;)
  12. this is an AWESOME contest thx so much for running this, i hope i win!!! :p Happy new years everyone!!!
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  13. I'm entering :p

    This is very kind of you, thanks!
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  14. i enter!!!!!!
  15. Thanks everyone :D. Not everyone checks the forums so be sure to tell your friends about this contest. If a lot of people enter the February contest will be much bigger :p.


    Thanks, this is one of the first videos I made and I love figuring out how to use video editing. :)

    Weird, does anyone else have this problem?

    Nope, just one per user name :p
  16. May I enter please? :)
  17. Oh! I am excited! This sounds cool! ^.^
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  18. Sure, I'll join. Sounds pretty fun, lol. May the odds be ever in your favors.
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  19. Im In! :D
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