The Evil Swarm of Ghast

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  1. Why? There are SO MANY GHASTS. I have attached a screenshot. This has got to be a bug. The amount of Ghasts sounds is insane. It's like the Nether version of the buggy Lightening Storm when you travel very far.

    That is even HALF the Ghast out there.

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  2. wow there is 12!
  3. There are more.. Trust me XD
  4. Youre still stuck there?
  5. What the?
    This is epic!
  6. LOL how many more threads are there about these?!
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  7. I think mine is the Original But im not sure so here is my pic. 2012-09-08_14.15.33.png
  8. It doesn't matter that there are this many when you bring the right gear. I went out with all prot IV armor, a looting III sword, a infinity bow and about 12 fire resist pots, lets just say I have about 40 ghast tears and over a stack of gunpowder.
  9. That is the Smaller amount that i have a pic of
  10. I dont think that would help if you had over 24 ghasts shooting at you
  11. 14 actually.
  12. Stand in protected spawn and jump out when necessary.
  13. Right out side of spawn Problem?
  14. i killed like 20on smp6
  15. That picture is of 24
  16. Steps to surviving the ghast hordes:
    1) Wear protection IV armor you take no fire damage
    2) Run like a madman
  17. Man i m going Ghast Killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So many Tears!!!!!!!!! And GunPowder!!!!!!!!!
  18. I had Fire protection potions and died cause of fall damage
  19. They are everywhere you cant even leave spawn
  20. there is already a prety long discussion about this issue in the News forums...Aikar is trying to tweak a setting for the mob spawning tweak they did. Hopefully this will be corrected soon as I know it makes the nether more than just challenging...kind of makes it annoying with all the wailing and fire balls and such...oh and of course the floor of fire that you end up with after these guys start to fire on ya...:confused: