The Cow Hockey Tournament!

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  1. Hello and welcome my fellow EMC players to the first Cow Hockey Tournament!

    Thanks for everyone who joined and congratulations to the Leather team!
    Diamond team got the 2nd place
    Chain team was 3rd

    The Tournament

    The tournament will consist of 8 teams, with 2 people in each team. Each team will receive a different "uniform" (armor). 2 teams at a time, the loser is automatically disqualified. There will be 8 matches.
    The scoreboard will be at 3015.

    The rules

    The rules are pretty simple. Push the cow into the goal. No snowballs, fishing rods or any items like that. To win, your team must score 3 times, no time limit.
    Everyone can participate, even staff :D
    And don't forget to follow ALL Empire Minecraft rules.

    I'll be the referee.

    The teams
    Diamond Team: Runningrhino and SthenosX (yankees518 subbed SthenosX because he had to leave)

    Gold Team: DaBoss1324 and tazzthemazz

    Iron Team: britbrit3197 and sonicol1
    Leather Team: Kman122000 and StrongMan2003
    Red Team: Runningrhino and matthew12hydro
    Green Team: Nole972 and Qwerty189
    Orange Team: PandasEatRamen and yankees518

    Chain Team: eklektoi and Cordial_Pie

    When/where will this happen?

    The Tournament will happen on Sunday, December 9th, at 4:30 pm EST/9:30 pm GMT/5:30 pm Central/1:30 pm PST.
    It will be on residence 3015, smp2.

    The Matches

    Match 1: Leather Team vs. Red Team
    Match 2: Iron Team vs. Chain Team
    Match 3: Green Team vs. Gold Team
    Match 4: Diamond Team vs. Orange Team
    Match 5: Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2
    Match 6: Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 4
    Match 7 - The Battle for 3rd place: Loser of Match 5 vs. Loser of Match 6
    Match 8 - The Grand Finale: Winner of Match 5 vs. Winner of Match 6

    The Prizes

    The Champion will receive: 20.5k rupees and 6 iron blocks.

    Second place will receive: 8413 rupees and 2 iron block.

    Third place will receive: 5.6k rupees
    Just to make it clear, the prize will be split between the 2 players in the team.

    eklektoi - 9000 rupees.
    Nole972 - 8000 rupees and 4 iron blocks.
    Xxandster700xX - 1000 rupees.
    kevdudeman - 13 rupees.

    Also, if you don't want to play, you can come over to 3015 and check out the residence, and the residences near it. You can try the parkour, visit eklektoi's Ice Palace, my Nether Palace, and much more :)
    And if you want to cheer a bit, there is a crowd space, where you can watch the game :)
    Any questions, ask below please.

    No cows were/will be harmed in this tournament :p
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  2. I'd like to just say - Everyone participating will enjoy it - it's really fun ... also may I be in Chain team please?
  3. You are in :)
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  4. Hahaha best idea i've heard all year! I'd love to give it a try sometime.
  5. Thanks :D
    If you want to take a closer look at it, come over to 3015 :)
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  6. Chain team!
  7. Surely :D
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  8. ninjaboy5656 and I will be forming the butter team.
  9. Ok :D
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  10. Thanks for the donation :)
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  11. My brother earthquake02 would like to join diamond team, you can verify this if you need to, but he'll tell you the same thing.
  12. Ok kirby and kev, only this time ok?
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  13. il donate 1000r and diamond please
  14. may i please join the red team?? im ready to represent. and if its ok can i not wear a chestplate? my middle is red as u can see in my profile pick and i want my number there
  15. Seems fine to me :)
    You're in.
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  16. Red team please
  17. lets do this matthew
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  18. Change Green Team To Team Gir plz
    (Green team)
  19. I'd like to be on green, but when will these be?
    When i first read the title, I thought,"Oh great. ICC will make a bunch of clones of himself, and they're going to play hockey together."
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  20. Orange Team plox

    I think that orange suits me the most