The Call of the Ghast Mother - Part I

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Should I make this into an in game book? (i.e. would you read it in game!)

Yes 23 vote(s) 82.1%
No 5 vote(s) 17.9%
  1. Preface:
    I'm planning a series of in game books. This is what I have so far for The Call of the Ghast Mother. The poll is if you would like to read more of it. (i.e. is it worth my time to write it in the game books)

    If you would, then I will make sure I write the rest in a game book, and that copies find their way into a select few non-Netheric Studies members hands.

    I currently have 5 parts planned for this in game book. I *should* be able to fit it all into just one volume.

  2. More . . . please.
  3. Its really good and it seems like a really interesting story line but I suggest maybe more description. For example settings, what do characters look like? Where did they come from? etc.

    But it seems really cool and I would love to read it! :)
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  4. Just remembered: When this book is published where can I find it?
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  5. I'm actually going for more of an H.P. Lovecraftish feel. He seldom, if ever, described the main character. And well. The main character in this one is me. :) The setting is the world of Empire Minecraft; we're all familiar with it. But your point is a good one. I could make that more clear. Where I came from (fictionally): the now destroyed agrarian village of Storagatan, as mentioned in the story.

    Unfortunately I can't provide too many details on a whole as in game books are very limited for space. (What you just read is 7 in game pages worth, out of a maximum of 50)

    Oh and the tower mentioned in this is (was) quite real. I did abandon it not long after it being griefed... but first I repaired it so I could make it a proper challege for those looking to reclaim it. :) I still need to see if it's around.

    And if you ever found a sign saying "The Travelers Trail" that will bring you right to it.

    To read the rest, you'll have to wait for the book to be published in game, and for copies of it to go up for sale on SMP6. Of course people who buy it directly from me can resell it, or sell copies of copies...

    In closing, I'm glad you like it. It's been fun to think up and write so far. (I have Part II. The Ghast half way done.)

    Thanks for your support!

    P.S. Bonus points for non-Swedes that can tell me the English translation of my "home village" name. :)
  6. Cool! I understand what you mean about how there is only a limited amount of pages in a book.
    However I think you should write the book on the forums because I have written books in-game and I have constantly have had to create new copies via crafting table and the books were not available to everyone. -Partly because they were unknown.
    If you write them on the foums everyone can enjoy them and they would be easily accessible.
    It would be a great shame if not everyone could read your book. :p

    P.S Is the English translation of 'Storagatan' - High street?
    (I may have cheated because I used google translate but I cannot speak Swedish)
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  7. +1 bonus points to you: High or Main Street.

    For another tale I'll write I was looking for various Norse names and ran across the name as two words in a wikipedia article. I thought "This could make for a neat village name." That's when I realized I already had a need for a village name. :)

    As for accessibility you're absolutely right the forums will be better. But Netheric Studies is a secretive group. And having everyone know every tale with just a search button click. That doesn't currently appeal to me. And besides, whose to say that other "lost texts" won't find their way into some of the locations mentioned in one of my in game books? And if they do, posting their content on a forum would defeat the purpose of people looking for them. :)
  8. Oh and when I hit 6 votes for yes, I decided to continue the tale. So at this point it will become an in game book. Half a dozen people interested is all I needed to motivate me on this one. :)

    Don't let my decision deter you from voting, no matter your stance!
  9. It's high street. Also - "and" isn't used to start a sentence, only to join sentences together - it's a connective word for a reason.
  10. +0 High Street was already given as an answer.
    And, I'm sorry that my informality and improper usage of conjunctions (not connectives) has offended you. In the future, however, please refrain from including such detractors in your replies.

    EDIT: Included a link disputing conjunctions as solely a mid-sentence word, yet which also highlights my misuse prompting nfells reply. As demonstrated in this reply I properly used AND as a coordinating conjunction to start a sentence.
  11. +wtf, I was confirming that it is High Street and not Main Street.
  12. So..Are you looking for old Norse names? I know a few as I have read old Norse legends.
    If you are I would suggest maybe one character having the name of an old Norse God, like Thor. :p
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  13. I'm afraid that if I name one Thor that my friends named Thor will think that the character is about them and make all sorts of crazy suggestions including motorcycles and fish. :-P

    I actually have the prose edda around here somewhere. I was looking more for tree names. :) I'm not sure how that lead me to the wikipedia article on Sigtuna, where I ran across Stora Gatan for Main Street. :) But that's the hazard of wikipedia... you start at one location and the next thing you know you're reading about leech prognosticators or anti-tank dogs.

    EDIT: Oh and thanks for the offer. I may choose to run name ideas past you in a PM some time if you're up for that.
  14. I agree. You don't have to use actual Norse names, you could use Norse names as inspiration. So instead of having a hard to say Norse name you could have a Norse name which is shortened to something more familiar.
    Angrboda- Angie

    If I could help you with your story I would love to help!:)
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  15. Update -- A member of the contribution team has let me know two things.
    1) There will be a book store on SMP1 selling player written books.
    2) He wants to sell this there when it's finished.

    So this book will be available for purchase from there. I will post an update to this thread once it's available there.
  16. FYI, for those who are interested in this story. It was on hold due to medical issues. I've made some recent progress (I've written parts 2 and 3 of 5, today) I've bounced them off of a couple of proof readers. As health permits I will write the rest of this, draft -- the rough draft.

    Once the rough draft is done I'll do an official first draft and again pass it off proof readers. (Hopefully it won't change too much during this stage...)
  17. Another update. The rough draft is finished and off for proof reading.
  18. So this series will be one full book when done? I'm in.

    Cannot wait for the finish.
  19. Hey Stew and Bite,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The Part I. was just how I was dividing up the sections for writing purposes. The section titles won't be in the final version. :) (By the last one the story deviates too much to be of any relevance and I'm drawing a blank on how to title it...)

    Also, I will likely be changing the title slightly, to just "The Ghast Mother."

    In short, this story is the introduction of a sort of mythos that I'm slowly brewing in my brain. I'd like to think it's somewhat inspired by H.P. Lovecrafts style of cosmic horror/terror. It's told as an unreliable narrator, while trying to actually have a style of my own, and fitting all of this first tale into a single in game book. (oy! more of a challenge than I thought it would be! But fun all the same.) The first bit of feedback on the rough draft is good. Changes do need to be made, but hopefully they won't be too severe. :) The only thing that has delayed writing to this point has been my health. Since it's been looking up lately I hope to finish the first draft much sooner than I completed the rough draft. :)

    There will be other stories to follow. I may adopt a different voice for the sequel. Then again I may not. We'll see how things play out for what I'm thinking of there. (It could be fun, it could end up just annoying...) I've even thought of doing a prequel. After all I did raise The Eye of Stahlsis, and it survived raids... and yet it's fallen into an extreme state of disrepair. Perhaps there is a story there...
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