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Is 100 rupees too much or too little?

Sure? 1 vote(s) 7.7%
No. 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Maybe. 7 vote(s) 53.8%
  1. Welcome to the Blender Avatar Making company. Sha449 and I will be making avatars for people via Blender and pose your person in any way you want (As long as it's not rude), and send a picture to you to use as your avatar. They will be facing the screen, and will only feature your person. Send one of us your skin image (The picture you used to make your skin, not a picture of your person) through a PM or any other way to give it to us without risk of someone stealing it.
    1.Send us your skin
    2.Tell us how you want your person to be posed
    3.Please be patient while one of us makes it.
    These will be 100r each.
    Special thanks to Sha449 for teaching me how to use Blender.
    That's all. I will add more later if I think of something.
  2. if you need any help i'm an expert at blender and i also have cinema 4d and maya :)
    Edit: from my experience something like this if it take a long time since i know UV wrapping sometimes does bump up the price 100 is so little make it like 200-300 :p
  3. No, I don't. But thanks.
  4. Lebump.
  5. i misread this as a skin maker, and got so excited. :(
  6. Want me to make you a skin?
  7. Can you?
  8. Halo, I'm guessing?
  9. 1. Look up my name on MinersNeedCoolShoes
    2. Arms pointing to the right and left foot under my arms
  10. My avatar? yes
    my skins? only one of them
    can you make skins????
  11. If you could make it a little more clear, sure.
  12. Left Arm Right Arm
    --------------- ---------------

    | ______
    Left Leg | Right Leg
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  13. Left Arm Pointing Sideways. Right Arm holding right leg up
    Left Leg standing still. Right Leg Pointing sideways
  14. I need your skin. Also, this is what I got from that;
    Untitled Blender 3.png
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  15. That is quite an amusing picture, my friend.
  16. I know. I tried.
  17. No, I thought it was hilarious. I liked it a lot.