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  1. What's 80s music thread.....insert song here

  2. 50's and 90's is better :p

    *shots fired*
  3. Oh dude the 50's make me remember of Fallout Series...
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  4. 70's -> 80's -> 90's -> 2000's -> 2010's
    Music has got progressively worse every decade since the beginning of the 90s :p

    *bump btw*
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  5. 80's eh? hmm that was more or less my childhood back then. Too bad that I didn't really listen to music all that often.

    Alas; just commenting to say something as I can't listen to that stuff. Need to log on, and I'm not registering on another website just to hear some music :)
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  6. Wow Didn't expected so many comments here...

    Personally I like the 80's a lot, but thats just the kind of music I like. All decades has their ups and downs... There will always be bad songs and good songs...

    And to prove that, Here's some good ones!

  7. My tribute to this thread!!!
  8. You cant have the 80's with out the GOONIES!!!!
  9. To list all the good 80's song would take a long, long time (Cue Boston's song "Long Time") I love 80's music its just about all I listen to ;) Like SoulPunisher said, the musical talent has gone downhill a lot since the 90's. Nobody can play guitar solos like they could in the 80's, Let the 80's live on. :D

  10. I preferred this...
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  12. imo 90's country was really good ;)
    80's was pretty good for music tho
  13. Insert Filthy Frank video here (Hopefully someone gets the reference)
  14. Omg... Internet has ruined me.
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  15. 80's music...

    Guns N' Roses

    Joan Jett

    I could let the list go on, but these are probably in my 10 ten favorite songs of all time....

    All these songs listed were released in the 80s even if the video shows a later performance :)
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  16. Mom says she used to sing this song to me when I was a baby.
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