The 72Volt Community Tree Farm™, SMP8 /v +tree

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    The 72Volt Community Tree Farm™ is a tree farm, open to all the community.
    It can be visited at /v +tree on SMP8.

    How it works
    Anyone can come and chop down Birch Trees, provided they replant (or donate) their saplings. Want to make rupees? There's a shop at res spawn, for selling Logs or buying Iron or Diamond Axes.

    Who it's for
    Everyone! Mainly new users. They can begin making Rupees without having to get saplings for their own res. They can also buy cheap Iron Axes to work faster.

    How it's built
    The farm follows this design. It's small, but it will be bigger over time. As it is a community tree farm, I welcome all donations of Birch Saplings, Torches, Cobble, etc. to build it up, valuables to drop at events, and volunteer offers to build.

    Can I advertise?
    Yes! It's 100r right now, pay that and you get it for 28 days, or until someone outbids you (if that happens, you get a refund). Minimum bid increment is 100r.

    It's my birthday! Can I get a gift?

    Sure! If it's your birthday, you are entitled to a free gift of 4 stacks of Birch Logs, and I will encourage other choppers to give you gifts as well.

    So, can I get started?
    Sure! Just follow these rules.
    1. Replant all saplings collected.
    2. Do not grief; this includes breaking torches or cobble, digging holes, putting up non-temporary dirt pillars, flooding the area, or any other form of griefing.
    3. Always help others on the farm if you can!
    I hope to see you there! :D
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  2. First. Welcome back...?
  3. If you ever set up other types of trees on the farm while I'm on smp8 let me know and I'll donate you resources, I'd gladly use this farm as I constantly run low on wood and hate gathering it in the wild :)
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  4. I will be back for as long as this works out.

    Thanks for your offer of help! Right now, I'd like to keep it to birch trees, which are easiest to harvest as you don't need to make dirt pillars to reach the top parts. Including different types of trees would only be useful to people who use logs for aesthetic purposes, and not for the more utilitarian purposes this setup is intended for.
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  5. May I have building permissions so that I can use the farm?
  6. Sure! When I'm on.
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  7. Thank you. Please know that I will not sell wood to the chest unless you allow me to.
  8. I would love some permissions. If you made an underground later a certain height, oak trees wouldn't grow too high. Anyway, thanks in advance!
  9. Everyone is allowed to :)

    I'll give you perms now!

    I might consider an underground oak section...but I'd still have to acquire saplings for that section separately to the rest of the farm. And there's no real reason, except for those who need the wood specifically for aesthetic reasons.
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  10. Can i have perms? Thanks!
  11. You have been given perms! Enjoy the Community Tree Farm :)
  12. Love the idea Volt. :)
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  13. Thanks! Want perms? :)
  14. Bump! I just edited the OP with a link to the Community Tree Farm's first auction, a DC of Birch Logs :)
  15. Sure, that sounds good, thanks. :)
  16. Ah, that's cool! :)
  17. Hello! Just informing you that all of the axes have been purchased. Also, a great deal of wood has been taken -- and was not replanted. Also, they only took the bottom two from each tree. Whoever did this, please own up to it.
  18. I will restock when the auction finishes, and I have money.

    Anyone who chops wood can keep it - there is no obligation to give or sell it to me. But the non-replanting is an issue, I will be placing signs about that. Maybe they logged out before they could replant?

    This is allowed. While I sympathise with lumberers that this may be an inconvenience, that they will have to chop through additional leaves, we will soon have an automated tree farm, which will eliminate the need to replant and the risk of breaking leaves with one's axe.

    It will also be useful for those with enchanted axes; they will be able to work very rapidly.
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  19. Ok. Thank you for the reply.
  20. You're welcome!