The 13+ Club

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  1. This is a club made exclusively for 13 year olds and older. ( for now )
    I will continue to add names if we find more players that are 13 and older.
    This club is just for fun, it isn't anything big, and what happens when you are too young to be in the club is yet to be determined.

    Creators: wolves
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  2. My gosh...
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  3. ...
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  4. Second member right hurr.
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  5. WOO, Im In It!!! XD

    NOO, SO CLOSE TO BEING SECOND!!! XD <-- Made smaller so caps wouldnt be as "yelling" sounding XD
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  6. guys this isnt suppose to be big
  7. wolves in my previous forum, I asked that you don't create a club like this copying my club. This is almost like an exact copy of me and souls, except in ours, we embrace being twelve and don't exclude people who aren't our age. Sure its just for 12 year olds, but this is sure making it feel like its just to make us feel inferior. :(
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  8. Then you shouldn't have ripped off cordial, to be honest. Hese threads are probably gonna get closed now.
  9. where do you see the exclusion?
  10. Well for one, me and soul created the 12 year olds club, and coincidentally there happens to be a 13+ club. Coincidence, I think not. Also, I did have this idea first.
  11. Both your clubs exclude people. Lets leave it at that,
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  12. Yes jacob, they do. But I don't think it is a coincidence that this club just happens to be 13+, its purposely excluding 12 year olds.
  13. He said that there will be something for those who are younger than 13, he just doesnt no what yet. Anyways, Im not saying hes right to copy your club, I agree that can be very frustrating, but hes just trying to include those who are older than 12, and will never get the chance to join the 12 year old club. Those younger than 12 can look foward to being 12, but all of us who are 13, 14, 15 and older, we feel kinda excluded from your club. I get that you might have said something about not excluding us in your thread, but if wolves and a lot of other people did what I did, and saw the title say it was for 12 year olds, and ignored it, knowing that were not part of it, then we would even know that you said we werent excluded. So lets not fight over this thing, and how about we just make a thread for 11 and younger, 12 year olds, and 13 and older, and not make them clubs. Instead, we can just make them places to talk about what its like to be that age range, because, turning 12, we all start growing, so 12 year olds kinda do need an extra place to talk, separate from the regular forum. But since we all grow at different ages, how about you have 1 thread for 10 and younger, 1 for 11-13, and then a third 1 for 14 and older.
  14. Touche.
    You're purposely excluding 13+ I took your club and flipped it upside down.
  15. I was planning to add something once soul turned 13, but Ill add it to the thread now.
    Sorry if I was rude.
  16. Moral of the story:
    We all grow up
  17. They created the twelve year old club because Volt (i believe) made a joke about a club like that in another thread.
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  18. Oh no jk, It was just an idea.
  19. But if i remember right, the idea was spawned be Volt. Either way, it was made with good intentions, and not as a "retaliation" thread of any sort.
  20. 14 FTW? Why not?