That moment when....

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  1. That moment when you wonder..... what if man had gone to the moon and found giraffes?
  2. That moment when there's a three-way tie for first!

    (This is for the rewards system used on my YouTube channel, that is also used on EMC.)
  3. :D
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  4. That moment when you get out of a cave and realize you were under an ocean, you want to get back, but sand has fallen into it and you can't mine it and now you are forced to swim to the surface and hope not to drown.
  5. Next time just light a few torches :D
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  6. Why couldn't you mine it?
  7. Sorry, but since when do we place torches on the ground? This is aesthetically unpleasing. I'd rather die in the ocean than changing my habit of how I place torches :D

    You can, but it might take even longer than to swim up. Usually you panic and don't know which plan to go for in this situation ^^
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  8. That moment when... you've been away for so long that you're not even sure anymore how to enter / use your own contraptions! :D
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  9. Lol, total mood. That's me, more or less, when I try to start Minecraft nowadays. :rofl: :lmao:
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  10. Or how to fix it if it's broken.
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  11. That moment when, at 24, you're too young to give valuable feedback...

    Not that I was intending to give feedback, anyway. :rolleyes:
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