Thanks for banning me without warning

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by magazijnierk, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. I've been playing on EMC since februari, never been banned before, never even been kicked before, always been a chill, cool dude. that beeing said..
    i don't apreciate getting a 24hour ban for having a sand machine that hasn't been used in months and this without warning.
    haven't been playing lately, so you can't expect people to check the forums when not playing.

    [redacted] very much
  2. We don't need to hear this. If you wish to appeal then PM a staff member; however this is pointless since it's just a 1 day ban. The language included is also unacceptable and so are sand generators. In my honest opinion, you are very lucky just to have got a 24 hour ban since technically you duplicated items in the past.
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  3. If you read the guide, you would now not to cuss, have sand/gravel generators and Not to post ban appeals as a thread. So sir, you were banned for a reason, take it like a man.
  4. By the inappropriate language and rather unnecessary rudeness provided in your post is probably a great example of why they should not un-ban you.

    It's not a matter of when you last used it, it is the mere fact that it is in your possession.

    "Officer, I didn't know cake was illegal, I just had it for months while living here."

    On another note, PM a moderator in order to make a ban appeal for the consideration of your unbanning.
  5. Santi- Imagen 1.png Clam down and learn english.
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  6. This is not the correct way to appeal your ban. You will need to PM shaunwhite1982 (the mod that banned you). I really recommend you be a little more polite if you'd like to be unbanned.

    Sand generation machines aren't allowed on EMC.

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