Temporary maint

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. everything is back up, sorry for trouble
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  2. AHH K thx Aikar
    Plus having 70 vaults worth of stuff it might be a good idea to keep them down =P
  3. thanks i was wondering what had happened thanks Aikar
  4. If I log back in and my vaults are filled with diamonds I am going to be so upset.
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  5. Thanks for the quick action! Hope everything fixes itself the way it should.
  6. o.o Does that mean servers are offline?
  7. yup message said for 5-15 min. but I guess we will see
  8. I smell rainbows... And chins... We know what's REALLY going on here
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  9. I bet this is what happened with me earlier. My beacons had duped themselves. I remember now putting them in my vault and then taking them out a while later. But when I looked a little bit ago, they had reappeared. Also I should note that hashhog told me to /trash the beacons so I don't have any duped ones.

    Glad to see this is being fixed.
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  10. Uh-oh, I was just doing a lot of work on my res moving stuff in and out of my vault. Was the problem something that might affect my items? Also, scared me when that Server Maintenance shut down message flashed 'cause I though for a second that a Momentus had spawned in town. :D:p
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  11. Are vaults ok though? All my preciouses...
  12. What is the problem with vaults?
  13. Apparently they can dupe things. Unless my issue was completely separate.
  14. Servers are back up
  15. Rip rose bouquet :(
  16. Wait so everything in are vaults will dissapear !
  17. If the duped items stay... that means I will have dupe promos and God gear.
  18. Seems to be working, but I'll go easy on the vault for a bit lol
  19. nothing was duped, it was actually the opposite worry - that vaults would be erased.

    We made an update to the DB format to add a new data column, which shouldn't of impacted the server at all (we do this all the time!) but for some weird reason, a few people trying to open vault while it was running got errors.

    Out of extreme precaution, I emergency shutdown the servers so I could understand the error and ensure vaults were not being erased.

    Good news is, nothing was damaged. just a quirk of trying to access the Database in the middle of the update (I really thought the software protected against this...)
  20. So my duplicating beacons were not caused by this?