Teleport HELP please.

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  1. Im trying to set a teleport at my shop so people teleport to diferent levels of the shop but i cant figure it out, any help?
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  3. Residential Teleporting System (RTS)

    It is possible to create teleporters within a residence that take the player to another location in that same residence. This is done using a command, a sign, and a pressure plate (the pressure plate activates the teleport when a player steps on it). You must be either the owner or have both build AND use flags in the residence to create an RTS teleporter. There is no limit to how many of these you create.

    Step one, while standing in the destination (where you want the exit) type the chat command /res tpsign. You will see a confirmation message in chat.

    Step two, find the place you want the teleporter entry point (the pressure plate). Place a sign with the word teleport on the first line. Leave the other lines blank. You will get a confirmation message in chat once again.

    Step three, place a pressure plate one block DIRECTLY above the sign. That's it, you are done, go ahead and start using it.

    Note: Make the destination a different residence by putting the name or address on the second line of the sign.
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