Teleport Anywhere Using Beds (Requires 2 People)

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  1. I have an idea but I don't know if it will work.

    Say you are tired of having to go back/forth to/from your wild base (As many people are.)

    You set your spawn point to the base with a bed. Then you break that bed. Now, when you die, you go to town because the spawn point doesn't exist.

    Next, someone else places your bed back again. You die again, and go back to your base.

    Obviously, you can't move more than an ender chest of items this way.

    Does anyone know if this would work?
  2. As of right now and without mods it would not work. Since you've already died your respawn default sets at the wild main/waste main/nether main/ender main/ etc. So even if someone replaces your bed you would not be able to spawn back there.
  3. that works

    that doesn't work
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  4. If I'm understanding, if you were to replace the bed yourself before dying, you would still spawn there, but the moment you died without your bed being there, you would not be able to return by dying?
  5. Tried it, didnt work, had to walk like 5k blocks in the nether then 5k blocks in the overworld xD
  6. no, because when you break the bed it removes your spawn point. if you put the bed back, you have to lay in it before it sets the spawn point back again.
  7. What does it do if someone else breaks the bed?
  8. Same thing.
  9. You've tried?
  10. I'm willing to try this to either confirm it or deny it if it really works.