[TECH HELP] What phone should I get?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Krysyy, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. So I thought I had until September, but it turns out that I am eligible for an upgrade now =)

    Things I'm looking for:
    -Available with AT&T
    -Battery Power
    -Pref. Android system (since I have a ton of Play Store things I dont want to lose)
    -Not too big to fit in my pocket (No tablet sized phones)
    -Resilient design (won't break easily)

    So...any recommendations?
    Current phone = Galaxy S4 Active (since it was blue)
  2. OnePlus One, Samsung S6 (edge) or wait for the OnePlus Two.
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  3. krysyyjane9191, I have the perfect phone for you!! It's the phone me and my whole family have. The iPhone from Apple! I mean, that's where I get my iPad and my Computer! You should try it :D
  4. The iPohone doesn't quite meet all of krysyy's requirements...
  5. Yes it does, it's a perfect phone that has everything you need!
  6. Apple doesn't run with Play Store. She prefers and android I believe.
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  7. Oh... Those work good too... I just like Apple and thought it was a good suggestion. Everyone has suggestions, not just me.
    -Suggestion Lady
  8. If AT&T do sim only, get that plus a Oneplus One imo. Those things are awesome and seemingly impossible to break...
  9. I think we all know the superior phone here, folks...

    Okay, I'm sorry. I had to. =P

    On a more serious point, I strongly suggest the OnePlus One. If you're looking for something with long battery life and runs smoothly, this is the phone. I am more of an Apple person myself, and I own an iPhone 6, however I have family and friends with this phone that really enjoy it and have given great commentary on it.
  10. I honestly suggest the IPhone6, not the plus. It offers AT&T, pretty good design, it actually offers more then most phones, and easy to use.

    You could also use the newest Samsung out ( don't know its exact name ), but its probably good for AT&T, I know it has the Play Store thing as my friend had one, its water proof; and won't break easily :). It fits in his pockets ok but not sure about others. Only issue is its battery isn't the best for long distance trips, like for you since your in Texas, if you traveled to New York and used it about 3 hours in it'd be at 50%.

    So I suggest IPhone6 for the obvious reasons, but the newest Samsung Galaxy thing sounds best for you.
  11. I'm not sure what your standard is for "tablet size", but I've been quite fond of the Nexus 6 that I got a couple weeks back.

    I got that and abandoned my iPhone because the internal operating system is specifically designed to force you into an upgrade long before the operational life of the phone actually expires. Unless you're sitting on an iPhone 3GS or an iPad 2 (whose OS lifetimes were remarkable all things considering), you were pretty much forced to upgrade inside of two years when the device can easily last 2-3x longer.

    Sorry to all those out there who love Apple, but it's essentially highway robbery that they're committing. Once my iPad mini buys the farm, I'm off to the android world on that as well.
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  12. Go for the S6 Edge. The screen on the side of the phone is sick and who doesn't want wireless charging? But, I would still recommend waiting for the iPhone 6s, this fall, as I am an Apple Fanboy. :p
  13. You joke... but... read this... http://www.cnet.com/news/nokia-phone-still-works-after-week-inside-a-fish/
  14. Although this is true, krysyy was looking for a phone that met all / most of the requirements :)
    I would go with one of the newer samsungs or the oneplus 1 or 2. The oneplus one is significantly less expensive than an iPhone six, and has more power behind it as well.
  15. For those who keep suggesting an iPhone variant - iPhones are junk in general, but, in relation to the OP, they have bad battery life, are not Android, and they break easily.

    So please, stop suggesting it. If she wanted something like an iPhone, she would have headed out to her local wool farm and asked for their opinions, not ours.


    If you don't use cases, then I suggest that you head to an AT&T store and hold a few phones. Nobody wants a cheap feeling phone (looking at you S5). I have also heard that the OnePlus One feels relatively cheap, and it seems to be plagued with touchscreen issues (a new issue every update).
  16. How dare you insult my Apple. But seriously, Apple has sucked since Steve Jobs passed :(. RIP.
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  17. My dad has an SG phone and it looks great. Although don't get the Samsung Galaxy 3(aka my phone) :).
  18. I personally have an s6 edge and it is really cool. The edge has absolutely no feature use other than looking cool so unless looks matter a ton, the normal s6 should work. If you prefer the removable back + sd card + removable battery, the g4 is supposed to be really good. It also has a cool alternative to a power button where you just double tap the screen to turn it on. I have a similar thing on my nexus 7 and it is one of the coolest features. The oneplusone is good but the company that provides it is very inexperienced and is preparing to launch their next phone.