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  1. What is teamspeak?

    So far there are 4 channels for minecraft

    To gain access to Supporters or the 18+ channel an admin need to assign you to a server group.

    Few rules:
    Respect other members on teamspeak.
    Dont beg for admin/mod because only admin/mod of EMC will have it.

    If banned for any reason send a pm here ->

    Yes, Teamspeak was just for supporters but it looks like none of them used it so im going to open it to everyone.
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  2. TeamSpeak

    To download TeamSpeak go to

    You want Client 32-bit or 64-bit (If you don’t know which bit you have, you probably have a 32-bit OS, so click that download.)

    Once you’ve installed the program and open it you will be prompted by a TeamSpeak Setup Wizard. Complete the wizard entering your nick name as your in-Game name.

    If you have any troubles a video of this can be seen here:
    To connect to EmpireMinecraft's TeamSpeak server click on Connections in the top left.

    Once you’ve done this a new window will appear. In this window are three fields. Under the IP Field type in the following:
    Under Nickname type in your in-Game name (if it is not already inside the box)

    You are all done and now have all the tools you need to be able to contact members, get involved, and ask questions. Feel free to also use this forums resources to learn and ask questions.
  3. WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!! they offer TS3 for linux now?
  4. bumping this by moderator choice for recognition
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  5. Is this still up? I connected today and it was for the Casual Gamers Clan and there were no MC channels in sight
  6. i do believe starcraft may have taken this down, but possibly some renewed intrest would bring it back up :rolleyes:
  7. I had just posted about getting a VOIP and ISmooch linked me here, I was hoping we could get one
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  8. .... actually... i linked you here... but whatever,.. ismooch doesnt need the credit..
  9. Facepalm.jpg I don't pay attention to these things, changing post now lol
  10. hmm.. i tell you guys what... this may actually be dead, since starcraft has not logged on EMC for 26 days.. however, hold until tomorrow for a solution. mugatu =)
  11. Okay, let me know :D
  12. so... 512 sound like enough slots for you guys?
  13. you can make it 511. I'm too afraid to talk on the internet. People might find out I'm really a man.
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  14. well the max for non-profit liscense is 512 thats why i asked XD
  15. I think that's plenty haha, we could probably start a lot smaller honestly.
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  16. i will start with 100, and build up, i will set it up when i get home.. so tell your friends XD
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  17. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    this sounds great! Thanks ISMOOCH
  18. And now for the waiting game...... ^^
  19. well, to give you an eta.. it is currently 1:58 a.m. here, i get off work at between 7:-7:30 a.m. and after reading the server set up guide front to back countless times in the last hour, it looks like it would take less than an hour to set up. but i will be sure to post the IP here for anyone to access as soon as i get it up. =)
  20. time to download ts3 i think