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  1. I looked over the site and didn't see anything about a group chat program. I wanted to know if there is one, and if not I think we should have one. Teamspeak is a program I use for this, it doesnt weigh down the computer that much and has good sound quality. This would be helpfull because the server is usally full, and friends would still be able to talk to each other when they can't connect to the server. A mic doesn't cost much, but teamspeak also includes the option of typing. If there is one though then trying to get one was a bit of waste, so It'll be real embarrissing if someone answers "yes" to the original question.
  2. to my knowledge no there is not a group chat program used here but teamspeak and ventrilo are the two voip clients i have used in the past and i find vent to have better voice quality and such but requires a mic...where teamspeak does not require a mic...but i will leave a firm answer to one of the mods or admin.
  3. Vent does have better sound quality, but I like teamspeak because of not requiring a mic, and its more "lightweight." As you said it is up to the mods and (or) admins.
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  4. I've never used Teamspeak, but Vent has always been reliable.
  5. Lol, I will never let people hear my voice again without them meeting me face to face. I was going to be part of a youtube series, and we started talking to each other, but i needed to leave for a few minutes, so I did. I come back to find them destroying and looting my place while insulting me and saying that n one could have a voice like mine and not be mentally retarded. Then they lied to my face and said a creeper had blown up my place and they did a quick repair but didn't give my stuff back, so I leave again to see what would happen but I remain in the chat without them knowing and they start insulting me again, and completely tear down my house and ban me from the server. Only one person tried to defend me, but he failed.

    What I mean to say lol, is that teamspeak servers and the such are not always a good idea. Just saying. :)
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  6. Thats a good point, not everyone wants to go on them, and not everyone has to. Thats part of why I like TS because I can type instead of talk. Besides I dont think we have people like that, and griefing is aginst the rules.
  7. the griefing is not what made me mad, I have played on servers where that was the point, what made me mad was that they insulted me behind my back, and then lied to my face about what they were doing. But I know what you mean regardless.
  8. Your right that would probaly make me made too. I also belive there is hope in the other Empire Minecraftatopians, I would not stand for that kind of rudeness, and I'm sure that your fellow neighbors would make sure that kind of thing doesn't happen.
  9. Theirs a teamspeak server already up. Im the only one on there X_X
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  10. I would suggest Skype or Google+ for thsoe who wish to remain in a party with their friends. It works great for things I've done in the past. (Even XBL Parties work good) :)
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  11. my philosophy is simple....if you can't say it to their face(or to them directly in this case) then one should not say it at all...i have never done such things but i will admit i HAVE mocked people in my day but never behind their backs...that is just a dirty and cowardly thing to do. :/

    Ps. here we are all nice though! :D
  12. stop scaring them from joining star!!! xD
  13. Well if anyone wants to use it the ip: no password
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  14. You make a good point, but when using programs like this you don't pay attention to in-game chat (or at least thats my experince.) While if we had a TS line, it would almost be like the in-game chat. Some people also make friends better this way (imagine if you and your friends only txted each other.) The suggestion of Skype is actually a good idea though, it's less moderatable, but an official Skype channel would also bring the Empire closer.
  15. Ventrillo/Teamspeak is a great service for allowing people to join freely at their own discretion.

    I feel that too many people give out their Skype info willingly in the game and more often than not these people fairly young.

    If instead they could simply hop onto a public voice chat and if anything was wrong they could just as easily leave and their personal info is not compromised.