T.E.S Looking For Silk Touch Pick!

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  1. Hi!
    My Wild-Group The Epice Survivors (T.E.S) is looking to buy a Diamond Silk Touch Pickaxe.
    Currently we have 6,700r in our Bank.
    We don't care much about any other enchantments that is on it, but it would be nice =)

    If anyone would like to donate to us that would be nice :D http://empireminecraft.com/threads/t-e-s-donation.5373/

    T.E.S is closed :confused:
  2. It is so sad that TES died :(
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  3. You might be able to find one for sale but i don't think most auctions go that low for 6,700r especially with all of the inflation in the empire. (64 cobble 3 months a go would cost about 8-9r but now it is 12-15r)