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  1. i lost my gold supporter thing and i would like to know does your 2nd res disappear in the next 10 days?
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  2. No, but they are planning to make it so it does.
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  3. As of this time you will not lose your additional residences. Don't worry or fret at this time about it ;)

    Edit: When they do enact something which changes this... You will receive proper warning
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  4. No, the current res system let's you keep you're old res's. As long as you go on you're 2nd res, it won't disappear. Also I'm pretty sure a PM on the website with IceCreamCow isn't really an achievement....
  5. Hey no hatin'

    But a PM with JustinGuy is (Multiple right here)
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  6. Ahhh, i remember the days when he would answer every odd question i had within the hour (as long as he wasnt sleeping, of course):)
  7. I edited you're post for you. :3
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  8. its a custom achivement so i dont really care
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  9. Nor do I. Just stating my opinion...... :)
  10. I have a PM with justinguy (and nice greytext) lol.
  11. fail quote
  12. I have 16 or 17 open PMs with JustinGuy:p
  13. Oh good cause this is my last month as a gold
  14. Wow epic.
  15. Why is it good cause?