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  1. I am thinking of upgrading to diamond supporter since I have been normal for almost 800 days. I do not have enough money to continuously get diamond every month, but I was wondering if I keep any extra residences I claim after my month runs out. Because I don't want to go and build something amazing on a residence just to have it deleted because my diamond ran out.

  2. If you upgrade to gold/diamond and claim another residence, it will not be deleted or removed when the supporter runs out. However, if you unclaim it or it is forceclaimed after the supporter runs out, you can not reclaim another residence in its place.
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  3. How could people force claim my residence?
  4. If you're derelict for over 30 days :)
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  5. If you are not active(not logging in/voting) for more than 30 days after your supporter runs out, players can forceclaim it for 5000 rupees.
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  6. ahh okay thats cool, thats never happened to me, thanks guys :D
  7. I've also heard that when the server is full non supporters that have more than 1 residence would lose them in order to make room, is this true?
  8. Nope
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  9. If you go from Diamond, back to free, then you do indeed keep all your residences you claim. Even one in Utopia if you so desire. Like said above, if you go to free and unclaim one res, you cannot get a 4th back until you go Diamond again.
    Some things you lose (my own list here, i'm sure there are more) are:
    * stable slots go from 5 back down to one. (if you have not used any stable vouchers)
    * Lack of ability to change your res enter/leave messages. They stay how they are but you cant change them.
    * Can not fly in utopia, can no longer access Utopia wild/waste.
    * TNT use
    * Res Loc setpoints get reduced
    * Are no longer part of supporter chat and lack of supporter forum features
    * Lower rupee bonus and no longer status as 'protected'

    However, I would say go for it, the extra resses are awesome, and bonus if you time it to get some near your own res (if you are into that sort of thing)

    If you own resses that are adjacent to each other, remember that high up, you can build across a single sidewalk (not a double sidewalk).

    Once I started being a supporter, I never stopped simply because it is one of the very few games I actually play.
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  10. Gamekribjim told me that once my gold ran out I'd lose my other res....
  11. Only if it goes derelict.

    At one point there was talk of people losing their plots if they ran out of supportership, but I think they felt this was a jerky thing to do and decided not to do it.