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  1. I think EMC should combine supporters price. You can buy Diamond for 3 months for $40 instead of 60 and a year should be $150 instead of 240. Same with iron and gold!! :)
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  2. Supporter subscriptions are to help the servers stay running. That's what you're paying for, perks are just to compensate for helping. That's why it's in a monthly fee.

    Not saying this isn't a possibility, but just keep that bit in mind.
  3. Hmm, that MAY be true, but paying a little more money to have a few more months wouldn't hurt. It just stops the hassle to people that try and pay there supporter ship every month per year, so this could *maybe* save time? I don't know, there are pros and cons to this idea.
  4. The money you pay for as supporter goes to the administrators paycheck, they use that money to pay for some stuff so I have no problem paying for it
  5. If you don't cancel your supportership, you just automatically pay every month, don't you?
    Actually, I've heard that all the money from supportships go to running the servers.
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  6. Not all of it
  7. They don't live of it.... Aikar has a job....
  8. No, all of it goes into the servers.the admins have jobs out side of emc that support them.if anything they also pay for part of the cost.way back when i remember Justin was paying what,2k out of pocket to keep them running?
  9. My bad, someone previously told me they keep a small amount
  10. As far as I know it comes out to about equal when you are comparing money from supporters to cost of running the servers.