[SUGGESTION] WTF Marlix..??!!

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  1. I have a suggestion..

    Make Marlix actually killable.

    I fought one for over an hour and a half with god armor and 4th of july weapon and still couldn't kill it before SMP5 just crashed. I had two helpers also fighting the summoned skellies and I hit Marlix for over an hour and a half..

    The server (SMP5) keeps crashing, not sure why but I can't see why this one mob should be this hard to kill. I was going to change my focus to hunting and spending time out in the wild but if it is impossible to kill it, what's the point??

    Also, I burnt the entire set of Unb III armor fighting it and it still never died.

    In conclusion, I left for the night extremely disappointed and demoralized knowing that it is impossible to kill a single mob.
  2. Change your difficulty.
  3. To? I am set to 6 which is only 1 above the standard setting. Level 6 should not render a Marlix or Momentus unkillable during an hour and a half battle.
  4. I can't promise every mobs scale is "right", as marlix has its own nerfs that combine in with the difficulty changes, and its likely that a single difficulty level upgrade throws his difficulty off a lot.

    Has anyone killed him at 6+ think it felt adequate in scale?

    Also - marlix has high resistance to sword damage, and takes more damage from bows.

    There is damage caps on marlix so your likely doing extremely low using sword on a raised difficulty.
  5. appears krysyy was triggering a weird bug...
    http://track.empire.us/issue/EMC-534 will try to get it fixed soon as i can but it wont be an issue anymore. it appears it likely can happen if worldedit causes a chunk load
  6. The difference must have changed him greatly because I've killed him in the past before the difficulty changes and it was about a 10 minute fight solo with about the same setup as tonight.

    I'm not adventuring with difficulty 1 - 4 because that isn't my purpose in the wild hunting and I count those as diff levels for those who want to mine or build without much resistance. ;) I want a challenge so with top end gear and weapons, I would imagine 5 would be too easy so 6 is the logical setting to start. I understand he is a boss type creature but man, that was a long battle to go home ticked off and without reward..

    I will try again when I wake up if no one loads that chunk.. Thanks for the reply and feedback..
  7. 5 is the same as before the difficulty update, and is the default. Its "Normal Mode". No damage nerfs or buffs.
  8. Round 2...

    Diff set to 5, fresh set of max gear, max bow, max sword.. 70+ minute fight, Marlix never took damage.

    Killed another 30 levels worth of spawns and my son about 20 levels worth...

    Marlix still lives and I get to spend 2 hours repairing my armor again..

    Could you please check the settings on the Marlix?

    I am also curious to hear from those who have fought one recently...?
  9. I have had reports as well aikar. endermen in endertopia are going crazy, tagging players as soon as they log into endertopia and killing them. and they are overrunning it. also highlancer reported that he has been trying to kill a momentus for over 20 minutes now and it wont go down. he said that it seems like the mob is not taking damage. :confused:

    Edit endertopia seems to be ok rainbowchin, silken_thread anksel and myself went there and it seemed to be working alright..
  10. The mobs are taking over! Its a revaluation!
  11. I have gathered souls for Marlix day in and day out...there is also a clan of paladins gathering corpses to feed Momentus and to aid him in his rise to power...both Masters should be invincible to normal players now...only an army can defeat them now...and only the darkness can prevail against this madness...
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  12. i have killed many on 7 and have not died once. Didn't find it too hard either, maybe i'll try 8 next time.
  13. Me and bp2u have been trying to rid our outpost from a marlix, it won't go down. Sure we aren't using top of the line gear but power 3 bow should do some dmg over time. Also a little while ago I killed a momentus with no armor and just my fists without dying once on difficulty 1.
  14. Its MOB Independence day!
    They are claiming independence over us players!
    Yes, I went back, and fought the momentus for so long, my armor started breaking and I died :(.
    So, Momentus +1, Highlancer54 -1.

    I did start a convo with the top 3 to inform them too, in case they dont see this.
    However, That momentus should have died long ago. I have fought plenty and after about 5 minutes of constantly hitting it, it should have been dead. They do not usually outlast the guardians for too long, however this one kept going after 15 minutes, and ended up taking me down. (ya I could not run fast enough)... Ah well, time to make more armor and tools!
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  15. As all can see...Momentus can be slain with out any weapons or effort...Marlix is the true master of darkness...everyone will follow him eventually...or be consumed by his darkness...
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  16. ive had an issue of other nearby players sharing difficulty with me, while im on 7 fighting marlix i get lvl 1 drops cause of the guy nearby, maybe the opposite is the case here. either way ive killed both a marlix and a momentus within the past week with no significant problems
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  17. Nobody was around me though, so I 'doubt' that the PS could affect it, not that I could be wrong about this however.
    The momentus was not hitting harder than normal, it was just the length of the battle ive never seen before like this.
    Usually on PS5, I pound em, and I came prepared with my potions and what not. I certainly was not in a group.
  18. There was a normal skeleton in gold armor. It wouldn't die. I wailed on it with a sharp 3 sword for 5 minutes before a moderator helped me take it down... I don't know what happened. I could get to it fine. I was standing next to it. A few bow shots it went down, but not for me...
  19. As posted in Empire News, there is a bug with mob damage currently. Mobs in armor and other forms of resistance appear to make them immune. If you run into a mini boss or armored mob currently, please avoid it until I can fix it (going to work on it tonight)
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  20. Thanks Aikar!
    Cannot wait until I can get back and teach that Momentus a thing or two for killing me!
    They will not despawn, will they?