[SUGGESTION] Vault Quick Transfer

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  1. /transfer <#>

    Command will basically switch the contents of the supplied vault page with the chest the player is currently looking at.

    Failure conditions:
    • No valid Chest (DC) in range
    • Vault Page not valid

    A successful transfer will result in the vault page and the target DC completely switching contents. Empty vault page + DC of Stone = Vault page of Stone & Empty DC (after xfer).

    Perhaps make it a supporter perk for Gold & Diamond, idk lol. I'm totally open to suggestions on this, but I think quite many people would really love this- especially those transferring 10 pages per run between smp's.
  2. Yes yes yes so much yes. This would make emptying vaults and sorting them out so much easier. Perhaps also a command to move vault contents from one vault to another would also make it more User friendly. Still waiting for that toggle vault pages so I don't have to enter twenty commands to check my vault pages as well... although that whole week I spent sorting it did "help" this problem.
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  3. ...
    /vault list
    ...and don't forget to name your pages for better organization.
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  4. +1

    It's not a command I'd use often but it most certainly would be an option which could come in handy. There is a good reason why GRIP members are requested to keep one /vault page available for GRIP business: to haul stuff around. And this could definitely make that process a bit easier.
  5. Heh /vault list only works if you know what is in that vault. Had 40 pages of unsorted stuff before spending a WEEK! which is a ridiculous amount of time, sorting through it all lol.

    I did name then after that and just now looking for my gapples that I seem to have misplaced... still had to do about twenty commands, searching through mostly empty(Yay!) Vault pages
  6. Id like this too!
  7. Same.
  8. Crow, you and your brain. Another awesome idea :)
  9. I would love to see this happen!
  10. + OVAH 9000!!!!!! :p
  11. I assume this also works for if the vault is empty and you want to put items into it?

    Sounds great!

  12. Maybe with something like
    /deposit <vault # or alias> (Chest -> Vault)
    /withdraw <vault # or alias> (Vault -> Chest)