[Suggestion] Trading System

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What do you think about adding a trading system?

Good Idea - It will make the economy better/ easier to work in. 5 vote(s) 71.4%
It's alright, but... [post in the comments!] 2 vote(s) 28.6%
Meh. Doesn't really matter. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Bad idea! What were you thinking, Apple?! You'll destroy us all you dum dum! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hai guys (first time posting a suggestion ((or on a forum really)) so have mercy on meh xD Sorry if I did somethin wrong)

    What if we had a trading system as well? Then we could trade items for something we consider of equal value. For example – If I have a ton of potatoes but I need cobble, and another user has a ton of cobble but needs potatoes, wouldn’t it be easier to just trade the potatoes for cobble instead of selling the potatoes for rupees and then looking for someone selling overpriced cobble? (A poor person’s example, but you get the idea right?)
    I’m sure users are already trading and all, but it wouldn’t it be cool if it was more official? xD
    Besides, we’d be going oldschool then (jk jk)

    Trading could work just like the shop signs, though it would have to be a one way trade per sign – the layout could be the same:
    [Trading Price] = [T – trading | Amount | Item]
    [Item Name]

    So it would look like this:
    T 32 Charcoal
    Oak Wood

    [A trading sign (left) can also be placed above/on the same chest as a normal shop sign (right) for an alternative way to pay for something. How it could work – When Bob trades half a stack of charcoal for a stack of oak wood, the oak wood will appear in his inventory (like it would happen with a shop sign) and the charcoal will take the oak wood’s (that has now been taken out of the chest) slot in the chest OR if there is already a stack of charcoal in the chest that isn’t full yet – join with that stack instead and only fill an empty slot if there is extra. (like chests would usually work I guess)

    If the chest if full and there are no open stack or slots in the chest, a message can appear saying something like – Trading could not be completed –or- Trading is not available (something like that, I’m not a genius xD) and if the chest only has charcoal, but not the item that it is trading (oak wood) then the usual ‘out of stock’ message would appear.
    This way, not only rupees can be used as a currency, but diamonds, lapis lazuli, emeralds, gold and iron can be used as well (useful for enchanting shops or armor shops, you know?)]

    A second suggestion could be that trading can also work as the ‘sell’ option on a normal shop sign
    – instead of using [T 32 Charcoal] on the third line, it could be something like [2T 32 Charcoal]
    The two being 2-way trade, or second trade (I think it just looks cool xD) so instead, Bob can ‘sell’ 64 Oak wood and receive 32 charcoal instead. (the same idea, just vice versa, eh?)
    Though you would need two separate signs for ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ for trading, but I’m sure that’s not too much of a big deal, right?

    Sure, this would change the way the economy on the server works, but I think it would make acquiring different items a lot easier and more helpful, then again, that's just what I think xD
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  2. I like the idea but I could see how it could lead to some confusion.
    Definitely well thought out thought. :)
  3. Very well thought out! I like the idea. :)

    I would definitely like to see some sort of trading, but I'd worry j wouldn't be used that much.
  4. I really don't think this will work for only one reason: Character Space.
  5. Yes. Just yes. Love it.