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Any name ideas?

Tour Guides 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Guides 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Helpers 4 vote(s) 57.1%
Experienced Players 4 vote(s) 57.1%
Empire Vetrians 4 vote(s) 57.1%
Other? (Please post what!) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. (Still thinking about the name...)
    Read below the -------- if you are interested in how it would work

    I know that people here on The Empire (including me) hate it when people skip the tutorial and end up asking the people in town how to play. Or people who have been through the tutorial but still end up needed a little helping hand. Maybe even older players that need help with something.

    While checking back on Habbo Hotel, I found a new little feature that had people who had been playing Habbo for a long time, people who knew a lot for about it or people who were generally friendly helping others. Yeah, ok, this can happen on any game but on Habbo they've made it so when you register you get the option to "Call a Tour Guide or a Helper"
    You click it, and a private message part comes up for one of the Guides, the game automatically messaged in my name and said "Can you show me around Habbo?" the person replied with "Yeah, just give me a second. I'll be there soon!" (Unfortunately, I had to go eat dinner and disconnect from the game...)
    I found this feature interesting in many ways. It's the fact that you can have friendly players, not staff or anyone with any 'powers', helping out new members and showing them what to do.

    I think this would be a great thing to add to EMC. Partly because it would give the members in town at least a bit of peace from new players who constantly ask questions about how to play. But also because it would give players who are committed to the Empire a chance to share their knowledge to new players to help spread their knowledge and possibly inspire a new generation of players!


    The way this would work is that when a new member either finishes or skips the tutorial they get a message saying something like "Need some extra help or want some support? Call a Guide with /guide"
    Again, I'm still not to sure about the name yet, but you get the general idea.
    The command would send a pm to a 'guide' who is on the same server as the player, but if there isn't a guide on that server it would send a message to a guide on a different server or send out a message to all available guides. There If no guides are online, it would say something like "We're sorry but nobody is available at the moment. Why not try checking the wiki or the forums?"

    If anybody is caught being rude or complaining to the guides, they would face consequences for falsely contacting a guide, however the guides would be seen as a normal player anyone could contact if support was needed. Not some sort of mean mod that would punish you if you said one word wrong.

    The guides would be picked just like Mods are, however this would be done by members voting which would then go onto the staff deciding based on what the community thinks.

    That's it I guess! Thank you for reading what seems to be a wall of text I've managed to create!
    Any extra ideas for this are appreciated!
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  2. OR, this may sound crazy, but we can possibly encourage them to check out the wiki or do the /tutorial.
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  3. Then we seem cold-hearted.
    I +1 the idea.
  4. *hides*
  5. Hmm… I admit, this does sound interesting, but the one question remains: Is this really practical/necessary? The need for such guides could be (and already has been) mitigated by a reduced number of "hints" to /skip the tutorial. In my lay opinion, if a new member asks a "noob question" (i.e. one which can be answered in less than a second), if said member failed to complete the tutorial, he/she shouldn't be rewarded (and besides, any player can revisit the tutorial if he/she has forgotten something). On the other hand, if the question is more complicated, then I believe this would become practical.

    The second portion of my response: What qualifications are necessary for one to become a Guide? Should one exhibit the behaviors of a leader? How long must one have been an EMC member?

    I'm sorry if all of this sounds like negative criticism; I really do like this idea, but I noticed a few minor flaws that I believe should be addressed before it is brought to fruition.
  6. Thanks for this actually, you've made me think more :p
    The idea really just hit me and I didn't give it much thought....

    The leader thing wouldn't be much of a need however it would help. Over a year would be a good time I think
  7. Oh and if you're like SkyDragon saying "Or encourage them to the wiki"
    We could either have "Go check the wiki" or "Hi, my name is Alice, how may I help you?"
  8. "Welcome to EMC, I'm Pandas and I will be your tour guide! Now if you follow me, we'll begin our tour. On my left we're coming upon tatertotsyolo's dirt shack filled with the maximum number of sheep allowed in one plot."

    J/k. But I think even though they're not official, we kinda have these already. Pretty much anyone who helps out new players when they have questions and whatnot. I'm not too sure on how it can be improved >.>
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  9. No, when the server is just asking for the online people called guides, new people can always ask for help on servers.