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  1. Get higher security for the server
  2. Elaborate.
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  3. If you mean in terms of people getting on other accounts - which I think you are, because you're banned - this isn't something that the server needs to improve on; an account is the owner and Mojang's responsibility - hackers are banned if discovered, but there's not much else that can be done on our side.
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  4. "Ok guys, lets get higher security." "What type?" "everytype.."
  5. Are you referring to the short downtime on the site the other day or a in-game issue? I personally see no problem with security. If you were referring to the short downtime on the forums then that was caused by a host issue, which is not really EMC's fault, the only thing the could do is move hosts, although the current hosts do seem good as they hardly have any downtime (this is the only event I can remember, trust me there are some very bad hosts out there, EMC hosts seem very good). All big websites receive downtime at one point or another, whether it be due to maintenance or host issues. :)
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  6. Only way I see this is because not many mods visit unpopular servers. Other than that I dunno what he is talking about.
  7. Just a note that /report will get us onto any server if needed. :)